Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Ex Files

Sunday mornings tend to be a double edged sword. They have that ominous aura of pending work and the end of the weekend, yet somehow find a way to instill a sense of laziness.

This particular Sunday was especially stagnant for me. I changed my clock before I changed my clothes. And while eating a "brunch" of defrosted Eggo waffles, I began chatting with one of my girlfriends. She had just discovered that her ex-boyfriend was engaged. (Ohhh, the beauty of Facebook. It gives us access to so much information that perhaps we would be better off without. ) Of course, we mutually stalked his engagement photos while staying on the phone and passed bitchy comments about the bride-to-be's lack of style and bushy eyebrows.

Halfway through the conversation, I noticed she said the phrase, "This is just so weird" about six times. Honestly, what was really weird was her obsession with his engagement. She had broken up with him years ago and moved on with a new, serious relationship. In fact, I know she was over her ex within months of their break up. They were a match made in hell and she was noticeably more fulfilled post boyfriend. So, why the obsession?

I remembered one of my other girlfriends, who also explained feeling "uneasy" after she received an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding. She had also dumped him years prior and had moved on with someone else. I used to ask her if she ever thought they could get back together and she gave a firm "no way" every single time.

Which got me to thinking, does every girl experience uncomfortable knottiness in her stomach when she hears about that first serious boyfriend getting hitched?

Maybe it's because she once thought it would be her. After all, which girl doesn't envision herself in a wedding dress and her boyfriend at the altar with her (even if it's just for a split second of fun)? Maybe it's a shock that he is moving on, in such a life altering way, before she is. Maybe that first, serious boyfriend no longer has the entire heart, but surely keeps a tiny piece of it in his control from time to time.

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  1. My friend went through the same. She dumped him for another guy... then when he got a girlfriend she said "I know I should feel like this but I feel hurt... like he got over me so fast." lol.

    I guess we will never understand the power of "The Ex".

    xx Action Wolfe