Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bratty Kids

Okay, maybe it's just me, but children seem to be becoming more spoiled by the day. Parents seem to be afraid of disciplining their children and encourage the breeding of these tiny prince and princesses, who only grow up to be self-centered brats.

Today, I was going to peacefully explore the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret. Of course, the store is filled with gorgeous trophy moms wishing to do the same.

Except they can't do the same, because of their rambunctious children, screaming for attention all over the place.

Did children become worse over the past decade, or has my patience level just dwindled? All I know is that no matter how cute you think your kid is, nobody finds it adorable when he/she yelps all over a store during an otherwise peaceful afternoon.


  1. You used to love kids! And you are against hitting your kids.....pshhhh

  2. Agreed..they get louder and more annoying...parents try and get 'cooler' and don't care about discipline! On the other hand...just wait til you get a kid of your own :)