Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Constructing the first novel

Everyday is a learning process as I begin to bring my novel to life. Becoming a writer has added new colors to me. I look at life differently; see every social interaction as a reflection of the human condition that can somehow be echoed through my words. Writing is helping me stay in touch with the innermost workings of humanity.

It fascinates me how we can find our callings in so many different ways. Some of us seem to just know, since the days we ran around the playground. Others explore many different routes in order to end up at the destination they are meant to be at.

Instead of being something that I thought I wanted to do, completing my novel is turning out to be something I absolutely have to do.

In other, more shallow news, I spent a portion of today afternoon watching The Hills Wedding Special. I am fascinated by how these shows can generate so much revenue and buzz. Does it appeal to an innermost part of us? Or is it just mindless enough to serve as an escape from our reality?

1 comment:

  1. No. It just allows us to feel better about ourselves because we know there are really stupid people in the world and now we can watch and laugh at them :). The most fun of these shows is about judging the idiots in them!