Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who We Used to Be

The other day I perused this New York Times article about women's issues:

For some reason, this article took me back to a person I used to be...a person whom I would want to be more like today...a person I've lost sight of. In late middle school/early high school, I spent many of my weekend afternoons reading books, essays, and articles on the mistreatment of women in different countries. These issues always struck a deep chord inside of me. At the time, I felt helpless, insignificant even...and told myself that I would "grow up" and do something about it.

Well, here I am, "grown up", and just living my life without doing a thing about the world outside of me. I was telling Priya and Ameya (two of my friends who are already changing the world) that I truly want to do something about this, but just don't know what. And just the way that I have the liberty to fulfill my dreams, don't the millions of other girls, born in my home country, deserve the same?

Which also brings me to another point: maybe all of us owe it to ourselves to remember the person we used to be. Maybe the years brush these sticky layers of cynicism on us---whether it's through our aspirations, relationships, experiences---and it's up to us to wash them off.