Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Being Present

Last summer, I read A New Earth.

(Yes, Oprah does control certain parts of my life. Side note: how bad was that Abhishek/Aishwarya Rai interview?! I just don't feel that she represents herself well on interviews. Thank God she's gorgeous. Abhishek was funny, though. )

For me, really reading means taking Post It tabs and a highlighter to mark quotes that I like. Anyway, he kept emphasizing the importance of being in the present moment. I uncovered the book, which was sheathed in a layer of dust, the other day and realized that I, and most of my family and friends, are not living in the present. It's much more difficult than it seems. We make so many plans for the future (ex. future spouse, wedding location, dream house blueprint, number of kids and their names, etc.) but what about now??

So on that note, I made a quick list of things for this week that absolutely have to be done:

1. Sign up for a photography class. It's one of those things I said I've always wanted to do. Well, why not do it now???

2. Get a new haircut or at least, start wearing my hair differently. The most daring jump I've made is from a middle parting to a side parting. Right now, I'm loving the waves:

And poofy ponytail:

3. Get in the best shape of my life. The 20's are supposed to be my prime. I sit there and freak out about how my body will be after pregnancy, but why not focus on its current state?? I've been going pilates and P90x happy, but maybe a stricter regimen is in order?

Current book recommendation: The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum
If you've ever hit rock bottom or not understood things that everyone else seems to get, this is the perfect book for you. She's a riveting writer and I'm surprised this one isn't a best seller. Rumors are that a movie is being made starring Anne Hathaway!!!

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  1. Tolle steals from our vedas (psssttttt don't tell anyone). When that happens, what you get is "half-baked" knowledge. You end up being confused. Get a great Vedanta teacher (I can point you to quite a few). I was watching Ramdass on Youtube. Nice. But again his knowledge he gained (from india trip) wasn't all rounded and what you get again is "half-baked" stuff. So proper teacher is a must. This is my advice. Secondly our shastras say that you are not your body. You have to get this DEEP into your mind. In fact, mind is also MAYA (but more on that later). You start with body (at least initially) and get it firmly established that YOU are not THIS BODY. So the obsession with weight will be gone. You are perfect the way you are.
    P.S: I like watching oprah too...when I had cable tv...that was at least one decade ago, if not more...lolz. But I did watch "dhamma brothers" from her recently on youtube. Interesting stuff. Vipassana is still "sadhana" but not the real knowledge. It is knowledge (jyanam) alone that will liberate. Nothing else will.