Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go On a Date With Yourself...Preferably on 5th Avenue

After a lunch meeting, I allowed myself to be swallowed by the streets of New York. Specifically, by Fifth Avenue. For some reason, I found it charming to feel insignificant, to bleed in with the city, absorb its pulse. (The only thing that made me stand out was my hair, which was unfortunately sprayed with about 734274 layers of humidity and probably poked a few eyes out.)

For once, I wandered aimlessly, just to see where I would end up and unsurprisingly,my 5'2 frame came face to face with the powerful yet inviting lions of The New York Public Library. Can I just say, I'd be elated living there...forever, even if I am confined to some dusty, forgotten corner. For some reason, I was submerged in a wave of nostalgia for Oxford. I had no idea I could feel such a longing for a place; always assumed those pangs were confined to people. Anyway, it's very possible that libraries and I are in a life long honeymoon period. Hopefully I find someone like the Beast who happens to just have a spare, monumental one around in his Gothic mansion. A talking candlestick and clock would be a nice throw in, too. And who doesn't love that adorable teacup?!

If there's any piece of advice I could offer, it would be to take yourself out on a date, preferably in a foreign place. Loneliness can be so scary and paralyzing. Learning how to be comfortably alone, whethere it's living alone, eating alone, shopping alone, etc. is one of the most uplifting things I believe anyone can do for themselves.

Random notes:
*I've always been a die hard accessories girl: handbags, jewelry, shoes (in order of importance). This is great for me right now since big necklaces, known as "statement necklaces" are in. They're definitely helping me spice up my plain black tees and dresses!
*Learned how to play a little bit of "Waiting on the World to Change" (J.Mayer) on the guitar!
*First photography class this Saturday!!
*The little messages inside Dove chocolates make my day
*Pumpkin cheesecake, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Pumpkin scented candles are amazing!

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