Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it Worth the Weight?

Being healthy, really healthy, is more difficult that I realized. I have been trying to eat well and exercise on a daily basis. My effort is tangibly paying off, but at the same time, those cravings are quite intense!

The problem with staying up late is eating as you stay up late. This can become very hard to avoid as hunger pangs start attacking you. Of course, I crave all the bad stuff: chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake....the works.

I've become borderline addicted to P90x, a set of exercise DVDs that are designed to work out every muscle in your body. I do the cardio one on "off" days, so I'm not sure if I'll be "fit in 90 days" like the good ol' infomercial says. The Windsor Pilates DVD is also very effective!

During the summer, I worked out at the gym and ran outside. But let's face it. I'm completely gross when I exercise. No cute gym clothes/neon sports bras/high cut track shorts/flattering headbands/make up. Just sweat and a ratty, faded t-shirt with oversized pants. I'm doing the world a favor by going the DVD route.

Also, after all of my research in magazines and through my own experimentation, I found certain foods that serve as great snacks and curb appetite:
*Almonds (our parents were on to something....)
*Celery (this bothers some people because it is a bit plain, but drizzled with balsamic vinegarette, it's actually quite tasty)
*Low fat string cheese
*Apples (the sliced ones in the grocery store are very convenient)
*Low fat Yoplait yogurts

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