Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Week!

I've decided that I prefer to start my weeks on Tuesdays. Yup, Tuesdays sound better, much less depressing and agonizing than Mondays.

Plus, I've got something to look forward to on Tuesdays: guitar lessons! I've been supposedly learning chords, but the main thing I've really learned is that my fingers are SO weak. I'm always made fun of for having tiny, dainty hands, but MAN, what a hindrance! I cut off my nails and now have the telltale indentations of strumming on my fingertips.

Anyway, this year is about accomplishing the things I always wanted to do but could never get around to (that's where the guitar lessons came from). It's all a part of my bigger goal to not have a life of regrets. I am aware that these years (my twenties) are the final ones that are truly my own.

Once I move to New York, I'm hoping to:

*Start Hindustani voice lessons (I am trained in Carnatic, so I think Hindustani would be the ideal blend of a complement and challenge)
*Photography classes (Before I invest in a sleek camera, I really want to know exactly how to use it...am practicing on my dad's right now)
*Attend at least one 10 day silent meditation camp
*Finish the second novel
*Write five songs (am halfway through the first one)
*Spend time with my older guy cousins (I love having two younger siblings, but I've always had some weird void for a big brother...someone to be irrationally overprotective of me, play catch with me, and judge the guys I like)

One of my role models, Dr. Majmudar, wisely once said, "A trait may be in the chromosomes, but that does not mean it will flourish." Of course, we have learned in biology class that genes have to be expressed in order to affect the individual, but Dr. Majmudar was referring to talents, passions, and interests. If I keep desiring to leave a unique mark on the world, I need to go forward and do it, not just hope that my innate capabilities will emerge and get it done someday.

Parental Quote of the Day: "Girls from good households do not talk to boys on the phone past 10 p.m."

Melodramatic Dilemma of the Day: My gmail perfect usage is increasing everyday! I'm already using 60% of my 7389 MB without even putting all of my writing in there.

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  1. Did you do the Vipassana? Interestingly I was recently watching a documentary (dhamma brothers) by Oprah...vipassana done by prisoners in Alabama...interesting stuff.