Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New (York)

Hip hip hurray for 100 pages!!! So close, yet so far.


And even though I was pretty sure that we would always safely stroll in the friend zone, I couldn’t bring myself to get over him just yet. So, I tried my best to tuck my hope away and found gratitude in our platonic friendship. Perhaps I was too influenced by Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the revered Bollywood movie where two friends end up together after not seeing each other for years, but I imagined that, at the very least, Shawn would look back on me one day---preferably when I was dating someone wealthy and accomplished---and see me as “the one who got away.”

He has what my parents would call “classic Indian good looks” with fair skin, a sharp nose, and a defined jaw line. In a fitted, black and white striped crew neck shirt and boot cut jeans, he looks effortlessly handsome, in a casual, G.Q. kind of way. I envision him adding a black scarf to this outfit and, with a leather laptop bag swinging from his hips, sauntering through the plush green lawns of his Ivy League campus, contemplating over his next topic to write about.

Great; so now I know that he fell asleep right after we did whatever it is that we did, but still took the time to be a gentleman. I wonder if he has a cabinet of spare toothbrushes and pain killers for these occasions. Or if he has a chivalrous morning after, thanks-for-the-great-time routine of pancakes and coffee snob coffee that I’ve seen in some episodes of Sex and the City.

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