Sunday, February 14, 2010

Checklists, Change, and Chocolate!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Today, I curl up in my blindingly pink Oxford hoodie with a bag of Dove chocolates and my faithful computer. Today, I push my feet into fluffy socks and let them forget what the thermometer says. Today, I count down the days till I can see Valentines Day even though it got terrible reviews.

This past Friday at the Gita discussion, we dove into the idea of having a spiritual relationship. We discussed the "essential checklist of qualities" many people have when assessing whether or not someone is date-able. Usually, traits like "attractive", "intelligent", and "sense of humor" top these lists as rigid foundations which cannot be compromised. However, we rarely think of how a person will make us grow spiritually. Will they nurture us? Support us? Put us at ease?

My relationship with NYC feels oddly spiritual and selfless. It gives me so much and expects nothing back. Every molecule of my body feels brought to life. Even the biting weather, which penetrates all of my carefully planned layers, doesn't bother me the way it should. Each day, I walk to and from the subway, passing men with inappropriate cat calls, a musical bum whom I cannot resist tipping, too many Dunkin Donuts, seas of yellow taxi cabs, and dozens of eager, small businesses.

I love that people come here embracing nothing but dreams, and that those dreams come in an infinite number of forms. I love strolling next to a burly, intimidating man and then hearing a sliver of N'Sync's "This I Promise You" radiating from his iPod. I love that girls wear tights as though they are pants (I've jumped on that bandwagon.) I love that the courageous Mariachi band members come in my subway cart and extend their black felt hats out at the end for change. What can be said about flowing bodies of water can be said about New York:

"What I love most about rivers is
You can't step in the same river twice
The water's always changing
Always flowing"

Pocahontas "Just Around the Riverbend"

Current NYC favorite: Max Brenner. I went to a fabulous breakfast with Anishi and Meghna (actually, all three of us ordered the "Lazy Breakfast") and cannot wait to go back for brunch, dinner, and dessert!! We also got different hot chocolates, which came in fancy-but-not-functional mugs.
Cheers to drinking 600 calories at once!!!! (We started burning them off at the 2 story Forever 21 in Union Square.)


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