Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Stay Up Late for No Reason

The snow is becoming fiercer with every minute. Sure, it's pretty, but like many pretty things, it's a pain in the ass. While I took the subway to school, I managed to spill coffee on my tights, which, combined with the remnants of snow, gave me awkward light brown circles on my knees.

(Snow on campus! I love that bold, powerful Athena is the symbol for Columbia.)

But before that, I rolled into work submerged in white flecks, only to go back out within ten minutes to proudly perform a coffee run that would make interns everywhere proud. I'm becoming one of those people who need their caffeine kick to make it to lunchtime. I think all these high powered journalists are rubbing off on me too well. (Top 5 drinks: Coffee with cream and sugar, Chai Tea Latte, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Apple Spice)

AH. Must. Stop. Giving. Starbucks. So. Much. Business.

Of course, I wouldn't need to depend on any substances if I had gotten the proper amount of sleep last night (but who really does?). I was too busy doing valuable things, like deciding which red dress was my favorite from the delicious link Ameya sent me:

I LOVE red, LOVE one shoulder dresses, and LOVE Kim Kardashian (yes, I still don't understand why exactly she is a celebrity, but she worked the dress)

Conversation with Mommy Dave:

Mommy: "I missed you a lot today."
Me: "Really? Why?"
Mommy: "I was listening to that song on the radio you got me into."
Me: "What song?"
Mommy: "Gaa gaa oooh la la. Raw Raw ooh ba ba."
Me: "Are you trying to sing Lady Gaga?"
Mommy: "Yes!! That one! I was going to say Miss Haha, but that didn't sound right."

P.S. Still don't understand Google Buzz; I just feel like I can creepily eavesdrop on others' conversations
P.P.S. Hair (shampooing, drying) adds an irking 30-45 minutes into my daily getting ready routine.


  1. 1) You did not TELL me you're AT Columbia right now lady! *Shakes her finger*

    2) The snow is gorgeous, too bad it looks like brown poo and slush here now (but the snow days we're getting are GREAT!).

    3) I hope you're doing well, and your working hard so that's always going to bring you out on top! Go you!

    4) Kim Kardash...no one will ever understand. The girl has a great face though. That red dress is good enough to steal. You down for the job?

    5) Sometimes I like to write in lists, especially when my brain is on the fritz.

    6)Coffee is one of the key ingredents to genius, as well as late nights of doing absolutly nothing productive.

    7) Your convo with your mom...about Miss HaHa, made me burst out laughing alone in my apartment. :)


  2. You need to try out cafe misto with vanilla sweetener. It's cheap at its really good! How are things going with you? I hope by following you I don't seem stalkerish.. I truly enjoy your blog and your talent!! Keep posting and let me know when your first book reading is, I'll definitely be there :) Goodluck at Columbia!


  3. Shawty,

    it was great to meet you this past weekend, though I was admittedly under the influence of EtOH during most of our conversations. Phone me the next time you're in our nation's capital.

    As a sidenote, skimming your page has inspired me to create my very own web-log. Through the power of my internets, I look forward to this exercise in self-importance. :)


  4. Hey Saumya, thanks for the lovely comment on my article. Excited to know that we share common opinion on fashion. I totally wish i can own Anne's entire wardrobe from DWP. Wishful thinking :)

    P.S: Even i like Kim Kardashian for her style.
    keep blogging....