Monday, March 8, 2010

Southern Belle Lessons from a Prom Picture Party

This past weekend, I went home for my baby sister's prom. It flooded me with so many memories from my own prom, which was 6 freaking years ago (getting old!). I know a lot of my friends claim that they didn't really care about their own proms, but at the time of mine, I thought it was the biggest deal in the world. (Maybe everything feels like "the biggest deal in the world" when it is in our present.)

In any case, the picture party was INSANE. I'm talking 16 couples plus their families. The hostess, one of the girl's mom, was a brunette version of Martha Stewart. The woman made twenty different dishes, which were all artistically arranged on monogrammed china. On an adjacent table, there was a tower of red velvet cupcakes and Food Network worthy chocolate parfaits. That's one thing, among many, that I love about the South. There is a strong emphasis on hosting; inviting others to your well-presented home.

I got into a liberating chat with my sister's friend's aunt. She's one of those "cool", unfairly beautiful moms, whose tight skin and even tighter abs make her look like she never gave birth. Over a glass of white wine, she whisphered some "tips" to me about how to "get by":
*Ask a person you're speaking to plenty of questions about themselves (everybody loves talking about themselves, nobody likes talking about you for too long)
*Know the top 5 relevant pieces from that week's news
*Never lose your looks; according to her, a girl can be as intelligent and accomplished as she wants, but that will not compensate for her being "oogly" (her words, not mine).

She specified that these were tips for getting by in the admittingly superficial-tanning-bed-happy suburb we live in, and while that seems true, I think they're good pointers for anywhere!

Fun Oscars Moment: Seeing J. Lo in her dress!

Not-so-fun Oscars Moment:

Hearing this from my mother after Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler come to present an award together:

(Dripping in an Indian accent)"They're BOTH delicious!"

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