Monday, April 19, 2010

First Loves

Writers have the ability to give birth to characters and shape them however they please. It's quite an incredible phenomenon! Earlier today, I was thinking about how important characters have defined my perspectives.

If I am honest with myself, I'd have to say that my first love was Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. I would have given up my voice and legs for that ;).

I eventually moved on to Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell and then Mr. Darcy, but between Prince Eric and Mr. Darcy, other loves came from the books I read. I never discussed crushes or anything romantic with my parents, so I learned about holding hands and first kisses from The Babysitter's Club. (Logan Bruno was Mary Anne's sweet, Southern boyfriend.)

On the other hand, Elizabeth Wakefield from Sweet Valley made me feel comfortable about being a studious bookworm.

Hurray for the characters who shaped us!

Who was your first love?
Do you have a book that helped you grow up?


  1. OMG! OMG! My daughter just finished watching The Little Mermaid! Not 10 minutes ago! How cosmic!

    My first love? Any prince from any fairy tale. I read every fairy tale, myth, and folk tale in our library growing up. Couldn't get enough.

  2. That I can recall? Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons. He's still pretty hot.

    From a book...I fell in love Louis from Interview.

  3. My first love came late: Nick from the Backstreetboys...I know, I know, I shall hide in eternal shame now.

    Oh, btw, I just granted you an award on my blog =)


  4. Ah...Prince Eric, how can i possibly forget him. As a pre-teen i used to watch "Little Mermaid", how i wished to be a mermaid like Ariel and sing along with Prince Eric. I remember we had a poetry contest in my class and i happened to read a poem on mermaid's love to my class. Guess what? every one liked the poem but most of them were puzzled about "What exactly is a mermaid?" including my teacher.
    You will certainly get such response when you go to school in a small city from India( But its not like that anymore).
    My first love is prince Eric followed by a real life prince Williams.(Still wish for a dinner with him )

  5. My first loves: Jesse from Full House, Smendrick the Magician from The Last Unicorn, The cabin boy (Christian Bale) from the TNT version of Treasure Island!

    Boy this is fun!

  6. I have to say "Are you there God it's me Margaret" was a great growing up book for me.
    Hey thanks for posting on my blog, and I'm following you now! I went to Columbia as undergrad so you're in my old neck 'o the woods. Good luck with your quarter life crisis! I'm sure it'll all work out in the end :)

  7. LOL!! Okay so um, I had a thing for Eric too and Mr. Darcy (....still do!). I would have to say that The Ann of Green Gables helped me grow up. I red them about a billion times!

  8. My first crushes were all rock stars. Jon Bon Jovi and Bono are still around and still looking pretty good!

  9. My first fictional love was Susan Silverman, warm, wise, witty, flawed but growing. You're probably scratching your head, but she is the love interest of Spenser, from the detective series by the university professor, Robert B. Parker.

    The book that helped me grow up not so oddly is one from his series, too : EARLY AUTUMN.

    Spenser takes a boy under his wings when he finds his parents are starving him both emotionally and physically. He taught him how to look at life, how to be centered, how to survive inside. And as I was a boy who did not have a father, I was greatly impressed by Spenser's words.

    Have a great today, remembering our words touch others in ways we do not suspect, Roland

  10. Zach Morris... OMG. I loved Saved By the Bell!! I was more of a Slater lover, though. :)

  11. That's a fun question.

    As a child, Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones did it for me, even if they were older men. They were on the side of good and looked good too.

    I'm trying to think of a book crush boy, but I can't. It will probably come to me later!

  12. Prince Eric is definitely swoon worthy.

    My first crushes were British rockstars and teen actors. Obviously I was living in England at the time. :)

  13. OH MY GOSH I THINK KIMBERLY FRANKLIN IS MY LONG LOST TWIN!!!! I was going to say Zach Morris as well... what a hunk!!! LOL

  14. Yes, I looooved Zach! It's so sad; I thought this one guy was my soulmate when he told me his first love was Kelly Kapowski, HAHA.

  15. omgggg you just took me so far back...



    i think i need to go watch some saved by the bell reruns now.


  16. Wow! Haven't thought of Saved by the Bell in so long! I'm with Kimberly though...I was all about Slater. ;)

  17. I loved the Sweet Valley books! My crush was definitely Kirk Cameron and there was also Cory Haim.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and offering some advice.

    Great blog!

  18. First love was probably a Backstreet boy haha that's when I was growing up. ugh but now it would be jude law or brett scallions (and i actually kinda found Jani Lane from Warrant pretty foxy back in his golden days lol).

    And Nancy Drew helped me grow up and still does.

    And you have a blog award awaiting you over on my page :)

  19. I remember having the hugest crush on Prince Eric!! That's so funny. I also was also totally crushing on Joey from New Kids on the Block. Like crazy.

    And I thought I was following, but apparently I was not. But I am now and I will be back often! Thanks for coming to my blog too :)

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  21. I'm a terrible award giver. I gave you one then didn't even tell you! I'm so sorry! Here is the link. Enjoy!

    Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty was my first crush. He’s so gorgeous and has a great voice to boot. Plus, he's a prince!