Monday, April 19, 2010

I AM working!!

I went to a writer's conference yesterday and met so many wonderful writers! Everyone was extremely friendly and personable. We had to wait in long (sometimes one hour long!) lines to see an agent or publisher and passed the time with great conversation.

At one point, I brought up how it's funny that some people don't think you're really working when you're writing full time. Of course, I go on a rant about how one of my friends asked me to visit her for one week straight. I asked her how I'd be able to do that and she innocently replied, "well, you're not really doing anything."

This anecdote instigated everyone to share their "you're not really working" stories. It was fun to laugh it out and realize that we're not alone in this journey.

We also got into a "recent loves" discussion. Some common recent loves:

Belted boyfriend shirt:

Precious bookmarks:

Green tea with honey:

What are your recent loves?
Has anyone ever intimated that you're not working?


  1. Oh yeah, anyone that's not a writer assumes it's not work! I get that all the time.

    I love green tea, but it's an old love, not recent. A recent love: yoga pants!

  2. recent love: blogging.
    I know that some people might look at what I do as work but, honestly, the writing and the bloggin and the editing, querying, critic groups are the FUN in my life! lol. I have a 'job to make money' part time and take care of three kids and a hopeless husband. THAT is work!

  3. Sounds like a great conference!

    I so hear you on this one. Everyone thinks I stare out the window (which I do), hang around in my PJs (which I do, too) and drink coffee all day (wait, I do that too!). But I also do a lot of work during all of this - more than I ever did in the office!

  4. Hey Saumya...thanks for the comment on my blog...seriously, i cannot think of leaving NJ anytime :).....and my recent love - Facebook. These days i am logging into FB every 10 mins :)
    BTW i looked up for your FB profile and failed to find. Please add me and my profile name "shilpa vijayapuram".
    No one told me that i am not working since writing fills in my spare time but none of my friends has patience to read my work. So trying to connect with people whom i can relate to :)

  5. Hii Saumy :) I love this post and your recent loves. My new recent love: sleeping early, eating healthy. I know what you mean about writing. It's enjoyable and relaxing most of the time. Two things that generally don't equate with doing work. Which is why most people can't seem to understand it. Miss ya!

  6. Thanks for the recent comments on my blog, Saumya. I too hate the fact that so many people don't see writing as real work. I try to avoid such discussions whenever I can because of the misconceptions that run rampant. Glad to know you were able to rant to a sympathetic audience at the conference.

  7. I know what you mean!!! It drives me crazy! But I just have to let it go, realize they'll never understand, and be okay with that. I'm glad you had such a good time at the conference! I hope to go to one sometime in the near future.

    My recent loves are Cheeze-Its Snack Mix, Tostitos spinach dip, Zebra colored pens, and t-shirts from H&M!

  8. So many people don't understand writing but I have to say they're the one's missing out not us!!

  9. I'm always amazed when people turn to me and say, "So, what did you do today?" As if I were lying around watching TV and painting my nails.

    What conference? Any good tips on stuff going on in the NYC area in the next couple of months?

  10. Yay! Everyone's loves may get me into some new obsessions...

    I'm glad we've all been in similar boats about "not working". Jen, you are so right about the non writers missing out!

    Rebecca,the conference was through the International Women's Writing Guild. You can find their website on Google and also try searching "NYC Writing Conferences 2010" for other ones. They definitely said they hold it twice a year, so you can probably catch the next one! Also, agents sometimes list their next conferences on their websites.

  11. P.S. Here's the IWWG website. It looks like there is a conference coming up at Brown:

  12. I actually do not tell many people that I like to write novels for two reasons:

    1) I feel like they will criticize me for being some over-achiever (anything over 12 pages seems like a lot to anyone who does not understand/get thrilled by writing) especially kids my age (19), you get labeled.

    2) Some people however take it in the opposite direction, "that's not a real job', "you can't consider be a full time writer", "writing majors are easy". etc.

    But I am VERY selective about who I tell, about 5 of my closest friends know and my IMMEDIATE family.

    But some recent favorites are
    -Vanilla Chai Tea w/ honey
    -PickleSplash (Local improv comedy group)
    -Flip-flops :)

  13. Oh yes... And THANK YOU for visiting my blog! Your comments give me confidence in what I'm doing despite the continuous agent rejections lol ;D

    LOVE your layout by the way! Soooo cute!

  14. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you think it's wonderful. It's so nice to "meet" you.
    Our society's definition of "working" means you are earning money at your work, so if we are writing and haven't yet published and/or made any money, it's hard to see ourselves as "working." But working, we are. How brave of you to leave the doctor track and write. Wishing you the very best with this experience.

  15. Girl, my own mind tells me all the time "You´re not doing anything really." even though I´m editing my 400 pages manuscript, writting 8 short stories and writting articles.
    I think I was brain washed through Business school, so I´d think work shouldnt really be fun. But it is!I just have to get used to it =)
    Btw, awesome blog.Must.Follow.u!

  16. first of all thanx for the comment you took the time to leave on my blog!you are welcome any time..
    i am following you now..
    my recent addiction sorta speak is profession is a social worker with a phd in clinical psychology... here in Greece things are really bad.. i lost my job a few months ago because i was the youngest and would cost less.there are no jobs now in my area...few jobs in greece anyway!!they're constanly laying off people!!
    so i work at a cafeteria and a restaurant, i tutor kids in ancient greek and english..i decorate windows for clothing stores every working hours are weird and some people imply i am not working!!!there are days that i have no time to sleep!3 or 4 days in a row and if i am lucky i could get 2 days off!!
    sorry for writing to much but imagine this:
    waking up 7 am.going to the cafe 8am.working my a$$$$$ off till 5pm.straight to my apprentice's house till 7pm.go to the restaurant @ 8pm and work(heavy stuff)till 4 ancient greek go to another apprentice's house 9am,cafe @ 1pm till 9pm...go to the clothing store when it shuts down check the clothes decorate the windows..go home(whenever)sleep and stay off work till they call me again.if they don't call i don't get's their rules...
    but none of it is a real job for some..

  17. Hi Saum!

    My recent love: Turbo kick :D

  18. Hersheys Dark Chocolate Bar, 2 squares at a time! YOU have a great blog, congrats on being a WORKING writer!