Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City & Writing

I saw Sex and the City 2 last night. Personally, I found the first movie more enjoyable, but it was still entertaining. (Don't worry; I won't give anything away about the plot!)

The movie made me think about the importance of characters. If our characters are strong enough, people become attached to the course of their lives. One of my girlfriends in college told me that she enjoyed watching Sex and the City because the women felt like her girlfriends. When she was able to absorb their brunch discussions, she truly felt as though she was a part of them. I think that's one of the best things about art; it makes everyone feel as though they are part of something universal.

Today, I'm locking myself up and writing all day. Yes, all day on the long weekend.

Is anyone else writing throughout the long weekend??

I really hope I'm not alone! The WIP is taking over every part of me. I knew that if I went to an amusement park or shopped, I'd still be thinking about it. So time to get to it!!

To end, some fun Sex and the City quotes:

Stanford: "Oh my god, she's fashion roadkill!"
Carrie: "A squirrel is just a rat in a cuter outfit."
Carrie: "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they're supposed to run free, until they find someone, just as wild, to run with."
Charlotte: "Is it possible to have an affair with your own husband?"

(I love Charlotte's style!)

Also, my fellow blogger friend, T. J. Carson, has inspired me to be a Write-a-holic (her very well made up term)! We're set to knock out one chapter per day. Check out her awesome write-a-holic badge:

I find that surrounding yourself with people who share your goals helps you to accomplish them. After years of science classes and medical related extracirriculars, I never knew how to meet other aspiring authors. This is one of the many reasons I love blogging!!

What are your daily writing goals? Do you make it a word count? A chapter?

I'm trying to do a chapter a day; my chapter lengths vary from 10-12 pages.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Slivers

*A surprising discovery: my characters have made me slightly... schizo. I can definitely hear them speak. Often, when I walk through New York, I see people wearing things or saying things that could apply to one of them.

I love making them less "cardboard" and injecting them with conflicts. I've learned that while a reader often escapes with a book, so does a writer, while the work is actually being created.

Anyone else feeling a true kinship with their characters?

*Last night, I watched a DVR'd Oprah episode that focused on the Twilight phenomenon. By refusing to read these books, I feel as though I'm out of touch with a sliver of pop culture. Of course, I wear this abstinence as a badge of honor, and tend to bond with others who feel the same way. But I have to admit, that werewolf guy is pretty cute (he's only a few years younger than me).

*Mayowa, a fab blogger, wrote a wonderful post on The Best Seller Phenomenon. He talks about Twilight, Dan Brown, and James Patterson!

*This week, a lot of my shows are coming to an end, including Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl. Perhaps it's the perfect time to get into a new show? I've been hearing wonderful things about Glee and Lost.

*Also, I know it's kind of weird to analyze Gossip Girl, but on Monday night, I realized that Chuck Bass is a very compelling character. His behavior evokes sympathy and disgust from a viewer. You root for him while also hating some of his choices. I think that makes for a very strong character because he doesn't just fit into one distinct category.

*On a final, unrelated, note, I'm on the lookout for a new scent. Any suggestions? I do love Victoria's Secret scents, including Dream Angels and Body by Victoria. In high school, I was totally into the floral Ralph Lauren and Curve for Women.

*Hope everyone is doing well with their projects!! We're halfway to the weekend :) YAY!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Thank you so much for all your destressing suggestions!! I took your fabulous advice and watched Father of the Bride, one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately, it always makes me emotional. I'm a die hard Daddy's girl and I can't help thinking of my own father whenever I hear Steve Martin narrate his thoughts. There's something about those classic movies that put me at ease (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Home Alone...).
Do you have a classic movie that always uplifts your mood?

Before that, I was on a (very delayed) train back to New York from Philadelphia. I ended up conversing with a wonderful woman the entire ride back. She's a hotshot in an investment bank, lives on the Upper East Side, and was visiting Philadelphia to take care of her mother. (As I listened to all of the intricacies of her life, I realized how crazy it is that our neighbors can be sooo different from us. We take the same subways, walk the same streets, but our journeys can still be so incredibly different!)

She was telling me how her mother was married in a decade when women were expected not to work and to stay at home. Even though this is what she saw as a child, she grew up to be extremely career oriented and happily never had children.

I've always wondered if that adage "all women turn into their mothers" is true. Or is it just partially true? Is it possible that some women turn into the very opposite of their mothers?

Do you think you've turned out like your mother?