Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Thank you so much for all your destressing suggestions!! I took your fabulous advice and watched Father of the Bride, one of my favorite movies. Unfortunately, it always makes me emotional. I'm a die hard Daddy's girl and I can't help thinking of my own father whenever I hear Steve Martin narrate his thoughts. There's something about those classic movies that put me at ease (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Home Alone...).
Do you have a classic movie that always uplifts your mood?

Before that, I was on a (very delayed) train back to New York from Philadelphia. I ended up conversing with a wonderful woman the entire ride back. She's a hotshot in an investment bank, lives on the Upper East Side, and was visiting Philadelphia to take care of her mother. (As I listened to all of the intricacies of her life, I realized how crazy it is that our neighbors can be sooo different from us. We take the same subways, walk the same streets, but our journeys can still be so incredibly different!)

She was telling me how her mother was married in a decade when women were expected not to work and to stay at home. Even though this is what she saw as a child, she grew up to be extremely career oriented and happily never had children.

I've always wondered if that adage "all women turn into their mothers" is true. Or is it just partially true? Is it possible that some women turn into the very opposite of their mothers?

Do you think you've turned out like your mother?


  1. My favourite is 'Love Actually'!

    I think I look mostly like my mum, but I'm probably a bit more like my dad. It's hard to be objective, though!

  2. I've turned out the opposite of my mother. She was a stay at home mom for many years and had four kids that are the primary focus of her life.

    I'm a career woman that doesn't want to have kids.

    But that's okay, we can be different!

    Pride and Prejudice always lifts my spirits up, and Pirates of the Caribbean!

  3. I don't think we turn into our mothers, (I'm opposite of my mom, too). But we do certainly pick up some mannerisms of our mothers, some habits, some similar appreciations - and we notice these smaller similarities more as we get older.

    And I love classic feel-good movies for de-stressing, too. Pretty Woman is one of my standbys. Oh, seeing the previous commenter, Pride & Prejudice is another one.

  4. Yes, and I'm so glad I have (even if I wouldn't have said that as a teen).

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. Tough one!
    On fundamentals, I am my mother's clone - we both get bugged with injustice, would go out of our way to help others, etc - but in many other things that matter, I went out of my way to not be like her - she's obsessively neat, I am untidy, etc, etc.
    But yes, whether I am like her or unlike her, I am defined by her, whether I like to accept it or not.

  6. Brave Heart, I cry all the time, through all the credits.

    Now, I hope to be just like my mom, because she´s really awesome. I dont mean that I want to stay at home and take care of the kids, but I´d definetly would like to have her perspective in life.

  7. I'd like to think I've taken the best of my mother, mixed them with my own strengths and turned out the better for it. Unfortunately we both hate housework so...

  8. I have a lot of her habits, for good and for bad. But we are very different people, nevertheless. And I think we appreciate that in each other!

  9. What a thought provoking question.

    In many ways, I share my mom's fundamental morals and values. For this gift, I am eternally grateful.

    In other ways, we are exact opposites.

    We are not our mothers, but we are the products of our mothering. Good bad, or indifferent. Our experiences have shaped who we are and what we want out of life.

    It's a blessing when those experiences bond mothers and daughters together.

    Thanks~ cat

  10. There are times I find myself doing some of the things my mother used to do. My normal reaction is to immediately stop.

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  12. I'm a lot like my mother!!! We're different, too, but in many ways I'm just like her. It's funny how that happens!

    I love watching The Princess Bride or any Disney animated movie to lift my mood!

  13. This question sends terror down my spine. *shudder*

    Like Jen, when I catch myself doing something my mother would do, I immediately stop.

    My mother was a case of how not to be.

  14. Quite the provocative question. I'm a mixture of my parents. I try to think proactively and react emotionally like my mother and I'm afraid all to often I slip into my father's negativity. It's a struggle.

    Favorite pick me up movies? Difficult. Any recent Pride & Prejudice remake, Ella Enchanted, Stranger Than Fiction, Sound of Music. There are too many, really. So much depends on my current mood. I'm so into Asia any more, but they don't usually do "pick me up" sorts of tales, which may be why I'm into them. LOL