Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lists, lists, and more lists

I am a compulsive list maker; one of those I-feel-impaired-without-my-color-coded-planner people. Lists are empowering; they remind us that we are never done, that we are continuously changing and striving....

Last night, I remembered a special that is commonly referred to as a bucket list. It has all of the things I hope to accomplish in my life. Here are some of them:

1.) Send my loved ones "just because" hand written notes every year
2.) Have a Beauty and the Beast inspired library
3.) Finish writing a novel
4.) Learn classical North Indian singing
5.) Write a poetry collection

I realized that many of the elements on the list were simply about enjoying what the world has to offer. There is so much out there, waiting to change us...
if we just let it.

Have you ever made a bucket list? What is on it? Have you already accomplished things that are on it?

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  1. Well, writing a novel was on mine too, but now I've finished two! It's an amazing feeling.

    I'd like to run a marathon and eat an entire cake by myself... :-)

  2. I haven't made one as of yet, but something that would definitely be near the top is visiting Stonehenge.

    Also, I would adore having #2 on your list!

  3. I would love to have a bucket list, but I have found that every couple of years, things change so drastically, bucket lists are practically meaningless.
    Three years back, finishing a marathon would not even have made it to a bucket list because it was too ridiculous to even think of - and yet, today, I can proudly display the medal I got for finishing the Mumbai marathon.

    But yes, on my current list - do the Annapurna circuit or trek to Mansarovar before my 50th birthday (11 years to go)

  4. The only thing I really want to do before I'm gone is tour England--especially the countryside. I want to see first hand the places where some of my favorite books were written.

  5. Right, can I just say: this is eerie! Not only am I, too, a compulsive list-maker, but I have a secret dream to one day have my very own 'Beauty and the Beast'-style library complete with the rolling ladders!

    Ha! :)

  6. Your first few lessons remind me so much of my daughter! She's SUCH a list person. Me - not so much. But I definitely want a library just like that one!

  7. I did make a bucket list the day after I graduated from high school. I can't find it and don't remember what was on it and I really should make another one now that I'm older and stick it to the window above my computer.

  8. I'm a list-maker, too! I also have a bucket list. It's divided into three columns: Things to Learn, Things to Do, Places to Go. Some things on there is learning piano and sign language; building a house for Habitat for Humanity, swim with dolphins, read all the Newbery, Pulitzer, and National Book Award winners; going to Prince Edward Island and a summer and winter Olympics. There's a lot more in those columns, though! A few things I've accomplished so far are parasailing, going to Disney World and to Hawaii.

    I love checking things off my lists!

  9. I'm a major list-maker too. (except I hate grocery shopping, and always forget my grocery list)

    I sort-of have a bucket list. Every new year I write my goals and dreams for the one year and the 5 year mark. Each year whatever doesn't get done gets reevaluated and either dropped (because it no longer interests me) or rolled into my one year or 5 year list, depending on its priority and/or the time frame I need to realistically do it.
    For example, on my five year list is to live a in Europe...3 months in France, 3 in Italy, 3 in Amsterdam (making weekend trips to Brussels and London etc.) and 3 in Spain (maybe hit Portugal). But we have a daughter, so it will have to wait until she is off to college.

    I LOVE the library in B and the B!
    I love Belle. She's my favorite princess., she's brunette, she reads, and she doesn't care what people look like only what is in their heart and how they treat people.

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  10. Thanks for dropping by Jen's blog and commenting on my interview!

    I want a Beauty and the BEast inspried library too. Sounds wonderful.

    I have already completed my to-do list for July. Liberating.

  11. I'm definitely with you on the library!!!

    Wow a bucket list, I would love to learn French and visit Paris!

  12. Ooh. I loved the movie, and I keep forgetting to make a bucket list. But it is so much fun to think about all the things there are out there to do. It's freeing to think of the possibiliites, and it makes the day to day steps seem much more manageable.

    Thanks for the reminder!


  13. Interesting question!

    I've never made a bucket list - in part because I'm so superstitious, I kinda think if I write it down, I might never do it!

  14. I'm so happy that everyone loves the Beauty and the Beast library! I used to think I was crazy!!

  15. I've never made a bucket list! I've done a few things that I wanted to do: TRavel, write a book, play a solo in front of the orchestra, so I'll have to think of more to do!

    I love Beauty and the Beast! Have you seen the trailer for Beastly yet?

  16. I don't have a bucket list. However I have accomplished many things and have many more to accomplish.

  17. No, but I will now. Love lists, great idea!

  18. Yay! I'm starting a new one right now!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have a bucket list of sorts with the usual finish a novel, travel, take art/photography/yoga/dance lessons things on. I want to add to and reassess it though.
    - Sophia.

  20. i had a bucket list..then i lost my phone. Now i have to recreate. its awesome cause it gets me away from my mundane job and also makes me feel like im working towards something.