Monday, September 13, 2010

New Name, Design, and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone!

I decided to update the look of my blog so that it was more relevant to my life.

I was inspired to change it while I was breaking bread.


This evening, after class, I joined a few of my classmates in slicing and packaging loaves of bread so that they could be packed into brown paper bags for the less fortunate.

I learned today that there are so many children in America who come to school starving on Monday mornings. This leaves them unable to concentrate and as a result, disruptive and incompetent. The food bank that is affiliated with my school collects all types of food from places so that we can make brown paper breakfast, lunch, and dinner bags for these kids.

So many times, I run around with a stormy cloud of stress hanging over my head. It's nice to be washed with a fresh wave of perspective. Yes, I may have an endless "to do" list but my stomach is always satisfied. Yes, I may dread Monday mornings but I always have the ability to eat breakfast even though I may not take advantage of it.

And then I thought, why do I blog? So that I can share these types of thoughts with my amazing blogger friends (and receive so many insightful ones in return)! I am grateful that I am able to blog, that my circumstances allow me to do something that gives me so much pleasure. So don't I owe it (and everything, for that matter) my best and most relevant self? Shouldn't I give back to something that has given me so much?

Sooo, in the name of all that, I will be giving away a gift basket of some of my favorite things which will include but is not limited to:

*A Starbucks gift card
Women's fiction novel
*Pretty bookmarks
*My favorite lip balm
Fun pens

and more!!

To enter:

1. You must leave a comment telling me one of your favorite little things
2. Be (or become) a follower
3. You will receive two entries for mentioning me on your own blog
4. Entry period will end in exactly one week!


  1. I love the new look of your blog, and adore the new header picture - it is so YOU!

    And that's a lovely project you are associated with. Anything to keep kids in school!

  2. Love the new look.

    One of my favorite little things? When my son runs u to me and gives me a hug for no reason. Intangible, I know, but it just melts my heart.

  3. Were you working with Food2Kids? LOVE that food bank. There are so many amazing places to volunteer in Athens! Some of my favourite things are warm pumpkin muffins and brand new notebooks.
    Your blog looks great!

  4. Hey there, its nice that there is a foodbank at the school. thats a neat idea. I'd like to be included in your giveaway. My favorite little pens I collect them...and not always expensive ones, alot of my favorites are from dollar stores.

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  6. I love the new look! The banner picture is beautiful. So cool that you got a new perspective at the food bank--those can just sneak up on you! Hmm, one of my favorite little things? Tulips. They're just so pretty and cheery.

  7. Your blog's new look is lovely! Thanks for such an awesome contest, Saumya!!! I'll mention you on my blog in tomorrow's post; meanwhile, your contest is in my blog's sidebar and I've tweeted this post!

    One of my favorite little things is a rock my husband gave me when were in 2nd grade. It's about the size of a 7-year-old's palm and is smooth and a dark, shiny green from years of erosion. It's a very cool rock!

    I know what you mean about being grateful for those little things like having breakfast. I always dread grocery shopping, but I remind myself how lucky I am to have a kitchen filled with good, fresh food. Or when the bills come and I have to pay them, I remind myself how lucky I am that I have electricity and heat and new books this month. It definitely helps beat away those stresses when you feel grateful for everything you have!

  8. Love the new header.

    This is a little thing that sometimes makes my husband tease me, but he still indulges me: before either of us leaves the other, for any reason, we always kiss goodbye. Always. No, "see you later" and pop out the door, but a kiss and "I love you."

    So glad you're able to help out those kids. I live in a very rural area with a lot of underprivileged children, so I always donate to the food drives.

    I'll put a link in my sidebar for your contest!

  9. My favourite little thing...fruit smoothies. Mmmm....

  10. Oh I LOVE your new bloggy look! It's perfect. :)

    I know, the thought of hungry children...anywhere...makes me sad. My husband and I donate a lot of money and food each month.
    I am in love this line:
    Don't I owe it to be my best and most relevant self?
    You gave me chills with that one. :) So lovely.

    One of my favorite little things:
    The sound of my husband making my coffee each morning. The spoon makes a musical tune against the mug when he stirs in my cream and sugar. It sounds like love.

    Reading this post.

    I'll put you on my sidebar right now.
    And, even though I'm *unplugged* (there might be a little bit of cheating happening. *who me?*) I will gladly tweet tweet tweet this. (no need to give me extra points for doing it. One entry is plenty)


  11. Hi! *waves* I'm over here as sent by Laura Marcella. Glad to meet you! :D

    I don't know if I'll have time to blog about this... But I can tell you one of my favorite little things: watching wind ripple over water. It's fascinating.

    And I'd heard about kids going to school hungry, that's so fantastic that you can help them! :)

  12. One of my favorite little things is walking to the local library with my favorite songs playing on my ipod and having someone smile and say hello to me. It's nice to know people are not always in a rush or looking angry! :)

    theredcloak [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. Wohooo, loved it! But I live in Switzerland, can I apply for this?

    So, one of my favourite things is: Hot chocolate + cold weather + good book + Bed = Perfection

    I'll mention this giveaway on my next blogpost!
    Email: kiarasoares(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. One of my favorite things is being home alone with the sun at my back, surrounded by plants, with my cat on my lap, with my laptop open. And I'm writing.

    I'll put this contest on my sidebar.

  15. Oh, no! I think I may be too late! I'm already a follower and the blog look is awesome!