Friday, October 22, 2010

Top Time Wasters

How is it that after years of studying and working, I still manage to be inefficient and easily distracted? In fact, I think that certain things have almost encouraged my A.D.D. But today, I am punching these little demons in the face.

First step, accepting the problem.
Second, recognizing its many forms!

Top Distractors:

1.) Facebook: Why do I keep refreshing the home page? Why do I care to browse through a million photo albums of people I barely even talk to?

2.) The NY Times, Huffington Post, and the New Yorker are lovely, lovely havens where I can get back in touch with the real world. However, I need to limit my interaction with said real world to the mornings.

3.) Blogs: Now these are my favorite temptations because they are almost always providing me with entertainment, knowledge, or both. I do need to set limits on how long I swim in the blogosphere, though. I could seriously peruse blogs all day!

4.) My own word documents

Here's a succinct sequence of events:

  1. Open Word document
  2. Scroll all the way through just to admire how many pages I've written
  3. Oh crap, it's already been half an hour?
  4. Proceed to blank page and dilly dally with sentences
  5. Go on author websites and scan through horrific Amazon reviews
  6. Erase the sentences...did I really think that trash was writing?
  7. Plot out things on paper...a=maybe a new template will help
  8. Cut the crap and allow the words to flow
  9. During coffee/chocolate break, revisit my old friend Doubt: You will never finish this. You have far too many books in your head. You have such a long way to go.
  10. Give Doubt a swift kick in the you-know-what and sit back down

I hope that by reading this post, you don't feel like you were wasting your time (because that would just be too ironic.) Instead, I hope that you are compelled to recognize your own distractors and get back to work!

Good luck!!!

How do you defeat distractors??


  1. Well, it usually takes a good soaking in the distraction before the guilt builds enough to boot me out of it. :)

  2. Oh, for me, blogs and twitters are definitely the biggest distractions. Internet blocking programs such as Freedom for Mac definitely helps!

  3. I've falled for all of the above time wasters.

    My solution? I bribe myself. If I write for thirty-minutes or so straight, I get to reheat my coffee and check e-mail for five minutes.

  4. I still haven't signed up for FaceBook because I don't need any more help being distractable! :)

  5. I can't work unless I clean, but sometimes I can get a little carried away and actually make no pages.

  6. I love the ironic twist at the end of your post!

    I'm VERY easily distracted. When I'm serious about writing or revisions, I must turn off the internet and twitter. Otherwise, hours pass me by and I've gotten nothing done.

    And when I'm really serious about getting words on the page, I use Write or Die by Dr. Wicked. Have you heard of it? It's great at keeping me motivated.