Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping Hangover and Writing Resource

Talk about too much shopping. We raced to the outlets at midnight last night and the lines were already curling into the parking lot! Somehow, I managed to emerge with:

A Michael Kors boyfriend style watch! I'm not really a watch girl but have been creeping on this one since the summer.

Everyone in our group got some great stuff. Hurray for boosting the economy!

Also, in the writing department, I found this incredible website. Check it out (especially the emotion and setting thesaurus) if you haven't already! Becca and Angela have compiled such helpful writing tools that I am referring to them every ten minutes while I work on my rewrites.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did anyone else five days worth of food in one evening? Or go Black Friday shopping like a lunatic?


  1. I love the watch! I didn't go shopping, but was so tempted.

    My stomach has been uncomfortably full ever since lunch yesterday -- shouldn't eat more but the food's so good! :)

  2. I found my brother a good deal on a present for our other brother online yesterday. I never physically go to stores for Black Friday but I've been eying like a hawk this week.

  3. Nice watch! I can't even imagine braving those crowds. We did our Thanksgiving last month here in Canada, so we've just had a regular weeked :)

  4. I love that watch! I can't believe you were one of those people out there braving the stores. My sister and her daughter woke at 2:30 a.m. and were at the stores at 3 in the morning. Oh my gosh! They do it just for fun, though. It sounds like you guys had fun too!