Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing is...GREAT!

Flights of white wine
Writing plot lines in Washington Square Park
Surprise chocolate desserts
Listening to music for an entire, lazy afternoon
Peppermint white mocha with red sprinkles
Soaking in the Manhattan skyline while sipping martinis on the top floor of the Mariott

All of this with the sweetest guy in the world.

Really, what more can you ask for in a weekend?


  1. You are so prettyyyyy! :D

    Have a good holiday my friend :)

  2. Oh you two are just so sweet together. So glad it was so much fun. New York is beautiful.

  3. That is wonderful!! You need to write romance cause that is the perfect setting. Enjoy!

  4. Such a sweet post!!! Hmm... since it got cold here in Cali, me and the hubby have been having hot chocolate by the fire, mostly because it's cheaper than the heater LOL. Oh, an that line was really terrible

  5. Beautiful post and a beautiful couple!

    Saumya, I named you as a Versatile Blogger today!

  6. You really are a good-looking couple. I've been with my "sweetest guy in the world" for five years and wouldn't trade any small, still moments because they can be so very big.

  7. You both look so good together. My best wishes to you both. Yes New York is good,and really very good if you happen to spend it with someone you love.
    We were there in August and had a great time there. We went to Times Square in the night and did all the touristy things there, and walked and walked everywhere. It was fun.

  8. You are a lovely couple!

    I saw you came into my blog. I was following you, but I lost my followers when a glitch in Blogger forced me to do a new blog. So I've signed up again as your follower so I can keep in touch with you. This is a beautiful blog!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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