Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Kiss

Thought of this while crafting a scene with my main character:

Was your first kiss the way you imagined it would be? Was it better? Worse?

Before I even had mine, it was clouded by ideas from Disney movies:

Sigh, Prince Eric was the one who got away

The, of course, there were Bollywood movies where there was no lip to lip contact but there was meadow or mountain frolicking and yards of colorful fabric!

(Side note: mine was nothing like these pictures...stupid expectations. It was awkward and uncomfortable the way it should have been. My main character was quite a dork growing up so she got her first kiss later than usual.)

Anyway, a kiss, first or not, can reveal a lot about a relationship. You can have an apathetic, reflexive peck or an impassioned post-argument lip lock. Or maybe a trail of quick kisses that foreshadow what's next....


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  2. Mine was with a boy I had a big crush on in sixth grade. It only lasted a second and then I accidently hit my head on a nearby locker. How's that for romantic?! It was mortifying then, of course. But it totally cracks me up now.

  3. Mine was awful, because of me. I was 15 (just gone back to public school), and my boyfriend (first one) was a year younger. He kissed me in the back hallway by the drama & band rooms, and while it was soft and warm and wonderful, I was so freaked out that I pushed him away and said, "PDA!" Ha. Geez, that still embarrasses me. The only other time he tried to kiss me, I was really sick with a head cold, so I didn't let him.

    I still kinda wish I could walk up to him and lay one on him now, just to prove that I do, in fact, know how and enjoy kissing. :)

  4. LOL I sold my first kiss story to Chicken Soup Teenage book:) It was horrid, I kept my eyes opened the whole time!

  5. Terri, that is awesome!!
    Summer, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one!

  6. I can't even remember mine. I guess it wasn't that awesome.

  7. My first kiss was with my hubby. Unexpected but sweet. We were both 18. For the record, I wasn't his first kiss.