Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grateful For...

*The fact that there is always a new book to read, a new world to explore, a new character to empathize with

*Fluffy socks

*MAC foundation and powder mix

*The schizo tendencies that accompany being a writer (talking to yourself and to people who do not exist, to name a couple...they make sure that you are never alone!)

*Passion: the good, bad, and ugly

*Beauty and the Beast on DVD!

*Friends who can show you things about yourself---positive and negative--- that you have trouble seeing

*The window seat on a plane

*Medicine and all of its hardships, rewards, and promise

*Home Alone, Love Actually, The Holiday, and all of those other cozy winter movies


  1. whoo hoo! I can second all these things.

  2. Happy New year, dear Saumya!
    I am glad we met and became friends this year.

  3. Oooo, I definitely agree with ALL those things!

    Happy New Year, Saumya!!! May 2011 be your best year yet!

  4. So many things to be thankful for indeed. Happy Happy New Year! Cheers!

  5. So creepy! I use Mac too!! Found that the drugstore brand that everyone praises makes me look like Edward Cullen or Bela Lugosi on a bad day.

    I experimented with MAC Studio Tech NC 32 but it made me look a bit tanned (hubby hated it LOL!) now my fave is MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC 30. I.AM.IN.LOVE. Don't know how I survived w/o it!

    Haha such a random comment! :D