Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Thing Writing Reminded Me About Life

*It's okay to get your feet dirty---many times, it's necessary. With protection and insulation, we sometimes miss out on really feeling what's underneath us.

When it comes to writing, I need to stop being so "safe", "scared", and "covered." I realize that I shy away from sex scenes, do not allow atrocious things to happen to my characters, and keep providing them with wholesome, feel good thoughts. I stick to the familiar: familiar ideas, familiar dialogue, familiar setting, etc.

Boring much?

I need to step out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in the grainy discomfort because that's where growth occurs. By stepping out of what is known, by allowing ourselves to step into the messy area, we evolve.

Now, on another note, how about them New Year's resolutions? Today I heard a lady say that she hates going to the gym in January because that's when all the "New Years" people take up the machines.

"But they're gone by February, so it's okay," she added.

Hmm. I've always been a little uncomfortable about making a resolution that had such a strict beginning. Something about that made it seem less personal, forced.

So, I think I'll vow not only to start my resolutions whenever they are appropriate but to also sustain them.

After all, writing has taught us that starts are easy, exciting, and full of zeal but it's the middles that can be a challenge ;)

Do you have New Year's resolutions? What has art taught you about life? How will you be celebrating the New Year?


  1. I find resolutions get broken, so I stick to decisions and changes.
    And my biggest challenge the past three months - tossing a female character into my book's sequel.

  2. I think the problem comes when people try to make drastic life changes all at once (aka the New Year) and call it a "resolution". Like exercising 4-5 times a week, quitting smoking, giving up desserts, etc. It's much easier to start making little changes every day and working up to the big stuff.

    Maybe exercise 1-2 times a week at first and gradually build up to 4-5. Cut down on smoking for a few weeks instead of going from a pack a day to quitting cold turkey. That's just the way I see it, though. Different things work for different people.

    My main goals for 2011 are to finally finish and submit a manuscript, and to get my A.A.S. in accounting (if not by the end of '11 than by the middle of '12, depending on how many of my transfer credits the school will accept).

    Thanks for finding me and commenting on my blog! TTYS! :)

  3. I'm with Alex on decisions and changes over resolutions. Something about the very nature of the idea almost begs to be broken. Perhaps it's the weight of our desire to start fresh. Who knows? If I could put a finger on it, perhaps I'd be better at keeping them :-)

  4. So funny that you mentioned it! When I am traveling in the train and looking at a neighboring college's gym - it ALWAYS looks packed in the first month. Come February, there are only the truly dedicated ones!

    Till date I haven't made a single New Year's resolution. Too scared of breaking it and then falling back on the old ways :D

  5. Haha, I think my fear of breaking resolutions also has to do with why I won't make one!