Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of Those "It's Hard to be a Woman" Rants

Have you ever made eye contact with someone and known that you could be good friends? Something about that person's disposition aligns with your own and your heart thinks, "ah ha! Cool person!"

Well, sometimes I think we have that sense for people we will NOT be good friends with. There are too many people in this world to ensure that each and every pair will be a winning combination. And that's okay...life would be terribly boring otherwise, no?

I thought of this because the other day some girls were standing around in a group and discussing an upcoming women in medicine banquet. Everyone rattled off ideas and one of mine (granted it may have been a random thing to be excited about) was for us to get dressed up. Every day, we wander the halls in frumpy t-shirts, apathetic buns and smeared mascara so this seemed like a good opportunity to not be so...slovenly.

Other girls nodded their heads and even threw out ideas for what outfits they would wear. But then one girl cleared her throat and asked, "Why are we enforcing the stereotype? Girls just getting together and trying to look pretty? Aren't we supposed to be smarter than that?"

Now, now, now, why is it that young women who are "supposed" to be "smart" should shy away from resembling....well, women?

Why is it that stereotypically feminine things---crying, oohing and aahing, dressing up, shrieking---make us seem weaker and less intelligent? Why do the smart women many times try to exhibit classic male characteristics??

And most of all, how come when it comes to so many of these things, it is women who are tougher on other women?? Shouldn't we be sticking together?

P.S. Sad to say that I related to poor Elle Woods during this conversation.


  1. Why? Shouldn't smart girls look good too?
    I hate that it should be either this or that... who set that rules? If you see a gorgeous girl she MUST be dumb & if you see a nerdy looking girl she MUST be smart/unassuming.

    Oh the contradictions I have seen!

    YES! We must stick together :) Girl Power!

  2. Haha, yes! Girl Power with my fellow Brahmin woman :)

    P.S. Love that you're a Gemini

  3. I completely agree with this post. It's outrageous that if you're 'smart' or 'intelligent' or 'strong', people assume you shouldn't be girly and try to dress up and look your best and call that "selling out". It annoys me. Surely the point about being strong, bright women is that we get to choose how we want to behave and dress - surely it's supposed to be about being able to choose, whatever the choice is?

  4. I hear you! It's so sad that we think we need to forsake femininity to appear clever...

  5. I think the comments are disabled for your latest post about xmas movies!
    But I do love Grinch and Christmas Carol too. Did you see the CG version with Jim Carey? Im quite curious!

  6. You're right: Women are so much tougher on each other than other people are! I wish women would support, encourage and help each other more. Then maybe we'd be living in a woman's world instead of a man's world!

  7. i'm with you! i love jeans and t-shirts as much as the next girl, but why not get dressed up once in a while? it doesn't make you any less smart just because you have lip gloss on! let's embrace our femininity!

  8. hmmmmm...I was getting prepped for a surgery..a female anestheisologist (sp?) was dressed/make-uped to the T...my..my...I thought she could have won the beauty queen contest hands down! LOL.


    I think, what is inside of you, between your ears that matters. The thoughts, the ideas. One shouldn't judge (positive or negative) based on looks/makeup/clothes!!!