Monday, December 6, 2010

Sending Over Some Birthday Love :)

Yup, I am officially another year older! I don't normally get excited about birthdays but I've felt SO much love this year and I wanted to pass some things on to my amazing blogger buddies!!

And while we are on the subject of birthdays, did anyone ever read their horoscope to an unhealthy degree?? As in, did you ever flip to the back of magazines while you were checking out at the grocery store to see what the month had in store for you? Do you think you align to your zodiac sign or is it all a bunch of crap?

This past weekend, I had 2 birthday celebrations and this morning, one of my very sweet classmates surprised me with gorgeous cupcakes! I don't know what I'd do without such giving people in my life.

My sweetheart flew in from NYC. Here we are at celebration # 2. Apparently, I became quite hyper, attempted numerous backbends, and refused to leave. We ended the night with an episode of Modern Family.

Before he left for the airport, he surprised me with this new scarf. Call me crazy, but there's nothing like a fun winter accessory to add a warm spring to your step!

Now, some Things To Pass On:

* The Bookshelf Muse (check out the thesaurus for different locations and emotions!)

*Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents (this was recommended by fabulous author Emily has fun facts and bios on every certified literary agent)

*Helpful article about how to make sure the middle of your book is as strong as the rest!

The lovely Maria McKenzie gave me the Versatile Blogger award! Thank you, Maria :) I am sending this along to:

I'll also be doing a holiday giveaway soon! Yay!


  1. Many, Many Happy Returns of the Day. We both are December Girls. I celebrated my birthday on December 2nd. It was a calm one. My sweet heart presented a watch.

    I am from India.

    Shalet Jimmy

  2. Hi Saumaya,
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday!
    Hey my birthday is also in this month, in fact tomorrow the 8th. Good to know that we share the same birth month.
    I just look up sometimes at what the stars foretell, and I have even tried looking up suitability, but I have always ended up feeling that they are crap.
    But I do think if we have the exact date and time of birth it can show some results if looked into by a good astrologist, for Astrology is also a science.
    Very nice scarf, enjoy life.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday. I read my horoscope every day for a good laugh. For the last month or so it has said I would be in the interesting position of choosing between two men. Hah. Not a man to be found within a thousand miles of me. Unless of course they meant choosing between which of my books to write next. ????

  4. Happy birthday!
    I have my horoscope on my homepage and read it every day. The only thing is that it assumes that I have a job, which I don't, so...

  5. If you have someone do a full astrological chart for you, it often works out better than your daily horoscope.

    I know quite a few people that don't fit the mold of their sign. Not only that, but if you follow the Chinese zodiac and then the one people normally do here in the USA, I have two totally different sets of traits. Which one is right?

    Still, it is fun!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Saumyaaa!!! Happy Birthday to youuu!!!! Hope you had the most fabulous day!

  7. Thanks so much for the award! Happy birthday!

  8. A very very Burberry Happy Birthday, Saumya! :D

    Funny, coz I come from a family of Astrologers by grand-dad was a royal astrologer. Sounds like hog-wash but I must admit it is pretty interesting :D

    Thanks so much for the award!! Yay... I love prizes!