Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Don't You....

*Wrap a present in a beautiful map?

*Write for two hours straight, without any breaks or distractions, just to see how far you can go?

*Give yourself credit for the things you've accomplished this year---big, medium, small?

(Yes, stirring up a new book idea, baking cookies, experimenting with new boots and rewatching favorite movies counts ;) ).

*Tell that special friend of yours how much he or she adds to your life? (Sometimes every one needs a little reminder.)

*Borrow a book from someone and return it with a dried flower pressed into the pages?

*Surprise your mom/sister/aunt with just-because flowers?

*Wear a dark, solid outfit and add a splash of color with fun tights?


  1. My mom, sister, and I lend each other books all the time and I really love the dried flower idea! How sweet.

  2. I wrote for three hours straight today and managed over 2000 words!!

  3. I LOVE the look of solid black dresses with brightly colored tights!

  4. What fun ideas! Been meaning to send someone just because flowers for awhile now!

  5. I looove these suggestions! Wrapping in a map? Awesome. And yes, we should celebrate accomplishments big and small. Thanks for the great reminder.