Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonderful Advice!

For writing and life,

"Take risks - don't be afraid to shock. You are not who you think you are."

#72 on a fabulous list of 73 ways to become a better writer

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. "Don't be afraid to shock." Love that! Thanks for sharing the list!

  2. Can't wait to look at the rest of the list. Thanks!

  3. the graduation speaker at my college said "Surprise yourself!" I love that as a motto.

  4. Wow "You are *not* who you think you are". That is absolutely fab advice. It is always a pleasant emotion for me when I surprise myself. Teaches us not to take ourselves for granted :)

    (Oooh I don't think I am as good of a reviewer to think about TIME :) But you have definitely piqued my curiosity!)

  5. I love this advice! Thanks for sharing it :-)

  6. Okay-- this makes me feel good!! Makes me feel like as a writer, I can let go more and go with my gut:)