Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A World of Black and White

We rarely know WHY we love what we love. But sometimes when we investigate the reasons behind these loves, we realize how much sense they make.

I love black and white.
Because it's classic, elegant, timeless.
Because of its eternal contradiction, its endearing contrast.
Because something about that lack of color extracts the true essence of things.

But when I thought about black and white more, I saw that it is everywhere, in so many of my other obsessions:

Long evening gowns
(White House Black Market)

Piano Keys

Old Movies
(Roman Holiday)

And last, but not least....book pages!!

(I also wanted to put in calligraphy but you get the whole print idea, right?)

What are your loves?


  1. Hi Saumya,
    Thanks for dropping into my blog. Your blog is so pretty. I can see you're incredibly creative. Your 80% done on your book hey - well done. Keep going, you can do it!

    I love black and white because that's the way I am. I believe in right and wrong and I most definitely live with that conviction. That's what black and white means to me. ;)


  2. I like black because it goes with anything, it's slimming (yes even guys think about these things) and it's just cool.

  3. Love Black. Not such a huge fan of white. Mostly because I don't think white looks good on me (hahaha shallow opinion).

    But yesssss books are the best example of black and white :D

  4. I love zebras! and that fits your black & white theme :)

    I love the color orange. I love the smell of brand new books. I love stationery supplies: notebooks, notecards, pencils, pens, pretty paper clips, fun erasers, post-it notes, index cards, etc. etc. I love Crayola. I love milk chocolate. I love Christmas trees and decorations and music!

    Hope you're having a great week, Saumya!

  5. Haha, Alex, I'm glad that men think of this too :)

  6. I love black and white too! Easy to wear, no matter what my hair color happens to be. :)

  7. White House | Black Market is my very favorite place to shop. I can always find something I love there. My entire wardrobe seems to basically be black or white.