Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yes, even blogging has its downsides

The blogging community is supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. My favorite (and most recent) example of this was during Talli Roland's blog splash. It was refreshing to see someone like her receive so much well deserved support for her work.

But...what about the negatives?

Author Jody Hedlund wrote a fabulous post where she asked if you ever thought someone came on to your blog just so you could follow theirs?

At another point, she also brought up a great point about how in the online world, formatting is just as important as content. Words are not the only way to copy and plagarize. A blog is akin to a white wall and can be decorated in an infinite amount of ways.

Some of the blogs I love are extra appealing because of their formats. Yes, they have beautiful messages but they also have a unique way of highlighting their sentences, adding fun quotes, and inserting pictures. Or maybe they post interesting interviews...or they follow a fun schedule, like Laura's quote days and writing exercises.

Sure, we are all trying to figure out our own ways (for example, my quote obsession led me to think of using one quote, in large font, as an entire post).

But it's important to give credit where it is appropriate.

In other words, play nice (or nicely---we love those adverbs ;) ).