Friday, January 21, 2011

This Weekend I Will.....

My Kathak ghungroo (bells)

It's important to do nice things for yourself every once in a while. I read a lot of posts about everyone doing so much and I do hope that we all take well deserved breaks. Our creative work comes out better when we are relaxed (at least, that's when my muse decides to make a lot of visits)!

When life becomes especially hectic, I have realized that I shut off certain portions of myself in order to function.
This is not necessarily a good thing. Those parts become forgotten and covered with dust. But the truth is, I do need them to feel truly balanced and content. I may be able to ignore them for a while but their absences leave palpable voids.

After another grueling week of school, I thought I would try to recapture some of these so-called portions and view them as mini rewards to myself.

Rewards for the weekend:

Dance- Kathak is a North Indian classical dance form. My sister and I have learned it throughout middle and high school but I stopped after college. Part of the dance--my favorite part--- involves wrapping rows of bells around your ankles. This afternoon, I wrapped the eager threads of gold and moved my feet for an hour. It was so cathartic to release tension through swift, demanding movement.

Writing-I need to write. When I am not writing, I am thinking about writing. It's quite obsessive, really. But I wouldn't want it any other way. While I do enjoy writing essays and news articles for school, it's still different from fiction.

Cupcakes and Shopping-one of my girlfriends texted me to ask if I would be up for spending Sunday like this. Um, yes!

School is oddly isolating. I wake up, go to class all day, and then study. Although my classmates and I are all in this together, it can be difficult to detach my mind from school and have fun.

I get stuck in a strong auto-pilot mode and I just go, go, go. When everyone around you is also in that state, it almost seems normal (damn Type A personalities).

Cupcakes with a good friend sounds like a great remedy.

Movies-There are so many movies I need to catch up on. Has everyone else seen Social Network? Tangled? (Just saw No Strings Attached and enjoyed it....yay to chick flicks.)

Side note: Movies are a great way to study story structures!

P.S. Does anyone else get satisfaction from the act of cleaning? There's something about folding clothes, making the bed, and scrubbing counters that puts me at ease. Maybe it's the tidy look of my room when it's all done. Or maybe I'm just weird. Probably the latter.

How will you reward yourself this weekend? How do you maintain balance in your life?


  1. Rewarding myself with a well-deserved break this weekend. No writing, no revisions. Nothing!

  2. When you're in a clean space, it does something to your thought process and often puts you in a better mood. (At least, that's how it works for people I know.) The act of cleaning also is kind of "mindless" so it leaves your creative side able to peek out and make suggestions.

    I don't know what I am going to be doing for myself this weekend but I hope your weekend is wonderful.

  3. That sounds like a fabulous weekend! When I need some balance, I close my laptop, and go for a walk. I find that always works!

  4. Go see Tangled - it will really lift your spirits.
    Spending the day with friends. Should be fun and relaxing. As my wife says, and least I'll be out of the house!

  5. It sounds like you have a great weekend going for you and I'm glad- you're right, it is important to strive for balance! My balance is off but I think I need focus more than anything else. As for weekend plans, I guess I plan to focus on watching the NFL championships tomorrow, ha. Oh, and yes, cleaning is deeply satisfying, you can see with your eyes(!) when a job has been done well.
    - Sophia.

  6. I commented but I think it disappeared!! Cupcakes and cleaning--that's for me:)

  7. Sounds wonderful! I spent my weekend celebrating my daughter's third birthday. Was great fun! V boring to return to the grind at work :(