Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrating the Small Stuff

The phrase "tortured artist" (unfortunately) stems from a lot of truth. Writers---and all types of artists---suffer higher than average rates of depression, suicide, and bipolar disorder.

I've been able to work with some wonderful artists struggling with these (our medical school is a partner with an artist help center) . Talking to these individuals has shed valuable light on the process and why dejection is so common.

It's understandable, isn't it? A line of work that is so solitary, paved with rejections, and often times, misunderstood by those who aren't in it is bound to bring a unique set of hardships.

That's why I think it's so important for this sense of community we've got here. Because those other writers are the only ones who truly get why that request for a partial or new story idea are so exciting.

There are so many times when I'll read a post by a fellow blogger and think, "ah ha. He/she gets it!"

So two nights ago, when I hit 67,000 words, you all were the ones I wanted to share it with.
When I substituted fruit for chocolate as my writing snack, I wanted to ask you if you'd ever tried the same!

(New go to writing snack...of course, nothing replaces chocolate.)

It's essential that we celebrate each others' milestones, large and small.

**Finding the beauty in each day makes life a string of miracles**

Tell me, what milestones have you made with your writing lately?

Have you expanded your reading genres? Thought of a new character? Drafted a query? Made notes in margins of your textbooks or napkins?
Taken an essential break from it all?


  1. I really like what you've said here, and agree and understand fully. I know too well, the feelings that you speak is nice to know that we do have a culture of our own that we can relate with.

  2. Oh yay! I'm right behind you at 65,000 words! But since I set my goal at 75,000 I'm waiting until then to break out in a big celebration on my blog. Yet, you are so right, it's important to celebrate the little things along the way. Congrats for reaching 67,000!

    It's so important to have this writing community and for artists in general to have people who can relate to them. I suffer from what i think is seasonal affective disorder - or maybe it's just writer's depression (always hits in February). It does help so much to commiserate with other afflicted writers! So glad that your medical school has an affliation with an artists' center.

  3. I think that there is both cause and effect in the 'moody' nature of writers. Writing can be lonely and difficult, as you say, but I believe it also self-sorts for those people who are already the dreamers and visionaries - the creative idealists who already see themselves as different from the rest of the world. I grapple with my own host of mental challenges, diagnosed and otherwise, and find writing to be both a solace and a source of pain. Not unlike the rest of life :) What is important is that we all keep writing, and like you say, celebrate every milestone big or small.
    One Writer's Mind

  4. Milestone??? Lately... eeeehh.. I guess nothing I did or deserve.. Congo for your 67,000 words.. :D

  5. I've taken a break. I've done the writting, revising, critiquing, rewriting, queryng, thing, and it didn't work so far...So I'm just taking a small break : )
    But it's true about support! We gotta support each other, for sure!

  6. Glad you hit your goal this week - and thanks for sharing it with us.
    I'm back at revisions and really hope to finish by mid-March so my test readers can attack my work.

  7. I'm in the essential break :) I finished the final draft of the book and now it's off to be BETA'd for a month. February is my month to relax. I have another two books to edit and revise, but I think I'll start focusing on short stories until the summer. Congrats on making your goal this week. 67,000K!

  8. Good work! Big things aren't possible without reaching the small ones first.
    And I admire your self-control in choosing fruit over chocolate. :)

  9. congrats on the 67k!! And on choosing fruit :) I like raspberries and blueberries best for snacking as I write ... although chocolate is always a good choice :)

  10. I truly connect with what you said here... it's spot on... so many things that I achieve or fret about in my "writing life"... you guys are the ones I always want to share with first, because you get it...we're on this journey together :)

    Congrats on reaching 67K, that's amazing! I hear you on the chocolate, but good job on choosing the fruit.

  11. Congratulations! Your accomplishment is something I am not going to get to, for sure.

    My newest accomplishment is my poem about the Dandelion Men. It is finished. I had been struggling with the concept, which I thought was cool but was close to walking away from.

  12. Yes, I'm so happy we are all in this journey together. I really don't know what I'd do without all of you. It makes me feel like I am part of something greater and encourages me to keep pushing.

  13. Wow.. You are my inspiration! Fruit for chocolate? That gutsy, girl! If I get a thought of ice-cream in my head I won't be satisfied even if I eat 100 different things.

    Btw, you have two awards over at my blog! :)

    P.S. Honest to God, your blog is one of the few that makes me smile no matter which page I go to :)

  14. I love what you've said here. Though I'm not sure I'm making any milestones right now - I'm just so sick of working on my book that I feel drained!

  15. Hi Saumya :)

    Love the blog post. You totally nailed it! Wow, you get me! LOL It's no wonder the writing community is such a wonderfully supportive bunch. I've blogged about it many times myself.

    Congratulations on the 67,000 words! That is totally awesome, girl :)

    I just finished my new novel, I'm really pleased with it, and I've just started submitting my first novel again. Exciting times!

    Kurt (AKA The Rejectionator)

  16. Heyy Emailman,

    Thanks so much! I'm glad we can all connect on this difficult process. And WOW! Finished your novel?? That's incredible!