Sunday, February 13, 2011

For my dear friend....

...who is handling her break up with an inspiring strength:

Photo from: my last trip to NYC

Maybe it's okay to take each moment in isolation instead of as a culmination of the ones that led up to it.
Maybe we need to savor the "while we were happy"s and calm before the storms. Because even if the people in those moments leave our lives, the moments never really do.

They are revealed in our gestures, reactions. They are lodged in a space in our hearts where nothing else can ever belong. They chisel at our future; many times, to a pathological degree.

They remind us that no matter what happens, those moments will always be there. More than anything, they have shown that you are capable of experiencing and creating them.

So instead of becoming bitter, dear friend, or hostile, I admire you for acknowledging the gravity of those moments and allowing them to propel you forward.

And I'm excited that you're seizing this opportunity to travel without an aim, just to see where you end up.