Tuesday, February 22, 2011

somedays.dreams.what ifs.

" Live life a little more on the edge, instead of chasing the next accomplishment and trying to please others."
-Emily Giffin

Today I got to thinking about plans and how unreliable they can be.

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing or did you allow life to take its twists and turns to get you where you are?

I always wanted to be a doctor and writer but my reasons for why I wanted to do these were different then from what they are now. There was a lot of healthy idealism thrown into the mix of the old version of that plan...idealism that I miss sometimes.

(But I can finally say that I am elated with how things turned out. Had I gone according to my old plan, I would have missed out on some incredible experiences.)

I always hear that the twenties are a time when people are disillusioned about their career
or maybe even dismayed about where they ended up vs. where they thought they would be.

Am I where I should be?

Is this best for who I am?

Will this be nourishing forever?

But I imagine that these types of questions never really leave us. Maybe they follow us into marriage, parenthood, career switches, even daily decisions.

And maybe that's a good--no, a great--thing.

Because these questions show us that we are never truly done, that the essence of life is searching for answers, in big and small ways.

"The Bhagavad Gita---that ancient Indian text---says it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection. So now I have started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly."

Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love


  1. Saumya-I love all of this. "Will this be nourishing forever?" Such a simple yet profound question. It makes me reflect on my current whereabouts and the frustration that seems to creep in during the most unforeseen moments.

    I appreciate your asking these questions. Cheers to you this evening. xx, Cassie

  2. I'm definitely not where I thought I would be by this point in my life, and the questions in this post cross my mind all the time. I don't currently have a definitive take on where I am and whether or not I was meant to be here . . . still waiting to figure it all out . . .

  3. And that is "Serendipity"!

  4. Thank you for the reminder that, although 90% of my days look the same as those from a year ago, there have actually been changes for the better lately. I was forgetting the trees for the forest.
    - Sophia.

  5. I doubt most people are where they thought they'd be. That's why it's called a mid-life crisis. But there are other times we hit walls. Is this what I thought I'd be doing? Did I make the right choice(s)? Will I wind up where I want to be?

    Questioning is the best way to make sure you're taking control of your life instead of letting it happen to you. Good luck!

  6. I am not where I thought I would be. When I didn't get my degree, I was devastated for over a year. I honestly can't say I am better or worse off without it but here I am.

    And I am going to make the best of it.

  7. I love this post! My life post-college turned out quite differently than I ever imagined. However, I'm making the best out of it and realizing that uncertainty adds to the beauty of life-it never fails to surprise me. Thanks for all of your great skincare tips on my last post-I will definitely be taking your advice and trying them out!

  8. nope, i don't think we ever stop questioning... nor should we.

  9. I found reading Eat Pray Love a downright chore - I just thought it was so tedious! But that Gilbert quote is fantastic - as is the message in the Bhagavad Gita!

  10. yes life has a way of taking things in its hands:) and its for bringing out the best in us:)

  11. Saumya...all the quotes are lovely. Have a great weekend.

  12. Great post, Saumya :) Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. You never know where it's going to take you. Well, mine seems to be anyway :) This reminded me of granny's famous roller coaster story, so I'll share it with you for those who haven't heard it...


    When I was 19, grandpa took me on a roller coaster...up, down, up, down, oh what a ride. I wanted to go on it again! I could never understand how a ride could make you feel so excited, so scared...so thrilled and exhilarated, yet so sick all at the same time.

    Some people didn't like it. They preferred to go on the roundabout. But that just went around and around.

    I liked the rollercoaster. You get so much more out of it.


  13. Yes, the story of my life.. I can so relate! I've always heard that the 20's are the quarter life crisis... but you're right... maybe we never really figure it out.. I know I still haven't.

    I'm definitely not where I thought I'd be... but maybe that's why trying to build a career out of writing is so important. Even though I still won't be doing what I originally thought, at least I'll be doing what I love :)

  14. I loved that quote from Eat, Pray, Love! I am 41 now and yes life is the way I planned it would be: a career I love, husbands, kids. And yet it's nothing like I planned. I thought I'd be published by 30. I never expected having a stepdaughter and all the related complications (and joys). You are right: we are never truly done, the challenges keep coming! You've got to stay flexible and find pleasure not so much in your plans and goals accomplished, but rather in the unexpected surprises and little joys along the way!