Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because Nothing Compares to a Hand Written Note

Something about aggressive rain instills a sense of laziness, urging me to take a long nap (or drink a massive mug of hot cocoa).
But at the same time, it is also perfect writing weather. The dependable rhythm of the drops is that perfect, let-me-create-something-intense kind of white noise.

So, I took a nap and then wrote, all the while thinking of balance. The weather sent my desires into two contrasting directions but in moderation, I could tread through both.

In writing, and life, we may occasionally "feel" like doing two opposing things at once:

*Diet but eat that last Girl Scout cookie
*Read a few more blogs but write a couple hundred words
*Create but enjoy the work of those who already have created

I've seen some efficient bloggers stick to schedules with their posts and well, I wish I was that disciplined but something about routine makes me go a little crazy.

Throughout different periods of our lives, or even during different projects, we will have distinct obstacles to overcome. I have realized that once I start reading---blogs, newspaper articles, a book---it's difficult to stop. Gosh, I could read forever! (This is the same way I feel about school; I could be a student forever. Real world? What real world?!)

I keep seeing that a writer is always reading, but in my case, it is imperative that I set time limits to stop and move on to other things.

"You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once."
sorry to quote Oprah for those of you who refuse to watch her show ;)


  1. I love Oprah! :) So addicting!

    I love the pic, Saumya! Such pure wishes...

    Very true, the rain gives us rhythm (to me it gives laziness HA!) Blogging has become a habit to me too. I mean, I wanted to give up blogging only due to plain laziness. But seeing all you people sticking with your schedule, I feel I owe it to you and to myself.

  2. Great point and great quote which I am ruthlessly apprehending. I swear I will write today, I just happen to be reading blogs at this particular moment.
    - Sophia.

  3. I'm drinking hot cocoa right now! As soon as I woke up to the rain thrashing against my windows I knew it was cocoa weather. :)

    I could read all day too. I'm so with you on that! It's so hard to stop reading once I get started. It drives my husband nuts, lol. I tend to get really focused on my reading and ignore all outside distractions, heehee!

  4. Mmmm hot cocoa sounds so good right about now. And reading too. It becomes very addictive, you're right. Hard to stop when you get going!

  5. Mmm, hot cocoa. Love the dieting + eating cookies line. It reminds me of a friend who bought a double cheeseburger at McDonald's, but got a diet Coke because she was on a diet. Sigh.

  6. Good thoughts here. I'm reminded of the famous Aristotle maxim: "moderation in all things."

    BTW, I have an award for you on my blog. Stop on by when you get a chance.

  7. Aww thank you for naming me in your most recent post! It's so lovely of you, Saumya! x

  8. That's weird, I couldn't leave a comment on your most recent post, but I was planning on commenting on this one too because I love rainy days for that same reason - they inspire me to stay inside and cozy back up with my story. I hadn't been to visit Laura, Laurel, Alex and some of the others you mentioned in a while - glad you reminded me of them! And Sangu - what a fun blog! THanks for the linsk.

  9. So I saw that I mistyped Links as Linsk above, but that was kind of a fun mispelling, if that makes any sense.