Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Confidence

We often hear that writers have to be their own sources of confidence. But how we do measure that confidence?
After another enlightening conversation with my dean, I walked away with another one of his quotes:

"Confidence is entirely internal. It is simply believing that you can do something to a certain level. This has nothing to do with being the best or even better. Because true confidence does not require external validation."

You see, when you tell people you write, they expect to hear something palpable.
"What have you written?"
"Is it in Barnes and Noble"
"Did you get a book and movie deal?"

So maybe it all comes down to measurements. We construct ourselves based on others' commentary.
And that's quite unfair.
If I hit my own landmarks, whether that's a word count, scene transition, etc., then that should be enough.
So, here's a promise: to separating the internal and external, if for nothing else then to ensure that I give this my all.

**Thank you so much for your support in my last writing endeavor!! This community has been the greatest source of comfort and encouragement for me.
I've missed blogging and am excited to catch up on all of your posts!


  1. Confidence is like motivation - must come from within.

  2. What a great quote; I need to write that one out.
    True confidence does come from within...but it is amazing how a little support from friends can bolster your ability to feel it!

  3. I agree with Faith: Bolstering it is always nice. No matter how much we want true confidence, without the invisible net of support from someone else, we slip through.

  4. Love the post, Saumya. Confidence is a personal thing more internalized than anything else, but as you said it is dependent on external factors. But support and encouragement certainly bolsters a low confidence level.

  5. That opening quote is great, who said that? Your dean's quote is good, too, and I love your point that people focus on external measurable achievements when we may measure our own success in entirely different ways.
    - Sophia.

  6. As always you share just what I need to hear. "We construct ourselves based on others' commentary" - how easy it is to do this, and what a house of cards that is. Thanks for exposing this and reminding me that true confidence does not need external validation.

  7. Absolutely true and inspiring..

  8. Thanks everyone! This is something I definitely need to work on every single day. You all inspire me a lot to do so.