Sunday, April 3, 2011


Love how this lion is proudly guarding the New York Public Library.

(I was going to do a post about how much I miss Oxford but am saving that for later. )

Once, I started freaking out about my settings being imperfect. Was I describing the scenes in a way that a reader could picture? Was I grasping the right details while eradicating the unnecessary?

So I frantically began taking pictures when I was in my setting (New York city, of course). I walked over 50 blocks. Along the way, I got into conversations with street cart owners, dog walkers, and nannies pushing strollers. The sun selectively showed itself. Women walked with purpose and confidence in painfully high heels. The subway rattled under the sidewalk.

I was more alive because I was attuned to every detail around me and its dependability, its individuality, its contribution to the rest.

To anyone else, the collection appears quite random.

But to me, it is my beloved settings in pixels and the first spiritual date I've taken with myself in a long, long time.