Monday, May 16, 2011

i believe...

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....that despite all of the negative messages that supposedly stemmed from Disney movies,
the princesses taught me from a young age to not be afraid of being different.

Ariel went after what she believed in while sacrificing the world she knew. Plus, she was a die hard Daddy's girl :)

Jasmine gave someone a chance beyond his circumstances.

Belle, a lovely bookworm, inspired a man to overcome his worst demons.

Mulan posed as a man to protect her father.

And I can't deny that I love how all of them have some healthy spunk and attitude.

So maybe my Feminism professor (and classmates) would be in uproar at this but I do think there is an endearing side to those classic Disney movies.

They define my childhood in so many ways, on and off screen. My happiest moment as a 5 year old was meeting Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom and I definitely would say Prince Eric was my first true love.

And every time I curl up to one now, I am taken back to those afternoons when for a couple hours, the world seemed larger.