Saturday, May 7, 2011

inspiration in many forms

Does anyone else get tired of the editing process? I prefer the actual writing part to the revisions part. (Maybe because the editing seems interminable.)

This past week was (thankfully) the kind where inspiration revealed itself everywhere. Sometimes, I get so burnt out with the rat race that I just want to give up. But then, I'll come across people who are doing so much, day in and day out, and I'm refueled.

Women in Medicine networking event.
All of the women shared their personal stories on how they balance their careers and families. They were also honest about how medicine ruined some relationships and shrunk previous interests. It was refreshing to hear that instead of the typical "you'll figure it out and it 's not so bad" jargon.
(80 female physicians + med students = a lot of eating!)

Taking a break from studying with my 2 lifelines.

With my precious little sister before we head out to see Something Borrowed!

Something Borrowed opening night with the incredible Emily Giffin. Every time I see Emily, she makes my entire weekend. She is gorgeous in an I-don't-realize-it kind of way, insightful, compassionate, and intelligent. A true and rare role model.

Tonight, I also saw Water for Elephants (only read the first chapter) and LOVED it. Has anyone else checked it out??

What do you do to refuel?
Does the editing process ever wear you out?


  1. I empathise with you on the editing, I'm stuck in that particular valley right now. I love writing and can motivate myself very easily for that, but I find every excuse under the sun to avoid editing.

  2. I take breaks when I feel overwhelmed. I'm just now coming off a two week vacation from the book. I actually PREFER editing and revising, except with my current WIP, over first drafting. Sometimes I also think it depends on the book. I'm not as excited about this book as I was my last, so I'm moving a lot slower. Good luck!

  3. I'm editing right now, so I definitely need refueling! Playing guitar disolves frustration, as does watching a fun movie.

  4. I wrote 46 poems and edited 40 of them at least two times each between April 1st and May 5th. I am now in the process of unwinding for two weeks and only writing when inspired.

    I read when not writing, make jewelry, watch movies, and play video games. The jewelry also helps me when I am stuck in a spot with my writing because it keeps the logical part busy with patterns and frees up the creative side at the same time.

    Music is also great anytime though I usually get mixed up if I sing and type at the same time. LOL

  5. Oh my goodness.. what a timely post... I've been in strict editing mode for the last little while.. but you know what I've realized helps me to refuel? The blogosphere! Everyone is so motivating and encouraging :)

  6. I am currently editing a collection of short stories. And Boy, am I worn out. I just finished editing for the hundreth time my manuscript and have decided not to see it for atleast a week.

  7. Oh yeah editing wears me out. I like first drafting better! I refueled this weekend by riding my horse :) When the weather's bad, I usually refuel with a good book, a movie, or going out for coffee/tea with friend.

  8. Editing is when writing feels the most like work! But I kind of enjoy it, I think mainly because the story's already written, which means I don't have to panic about it "disappearing" on me (which I always do during a first draft).

    I can't wait to see Water for Elephants!

  9. The editing process really is work. Sometimes I'll recharge with reading books during certain landmarks--a few chapters done, one revision. It helps, but it's still hard.

  10. AHHH! So jealous you got to get in a photo with Emily Giffin!

  11. Oh, oops. This is actually Talli. Wrong account! D'oh...

  12. When I want to refuel I do...nothing! I cuddle on the couch with my husband and pets and maybe a glass of red wine and watch TV or movies, anyway.

    I have yet to get tired of the editing process! I know that probably sounds weird, but while it does get a BIT frustrating to start, say, a 2nd or 3rd edit and find mistakes that should have been fixed on the 1st one...I just...don't mind doing it. I'm weird like that :)

  13. Oh yes, I just went through 5 days of grueling editing. I'm so glad it's done. Editing is like doing sit ups for me. I hate it, but it has a such a great effect.

  14. constantly! it doesn't just wear me out - it overwhelms me!

    When I want to refuel, I write about anything OTHER than the WIP, I watch a lot of TV and movies, and read a lot of trashy mags haha.

    water for elephants looks great!