Monday, May 2, 2011

letting go in may

In the same way a snake sheds its skin, we may all be compelled to forgo the old and embrace something new. Sometimes it's to let go of a tragic event (many women change their hair after a break up) or celebrate something new.

Or other times, you just need a change, for no particular reason at all than to create a bit of stirring. I try to donate my hair to Locks for Love every couple of years but it's never during the same month or even the same season. I'll just know that it's time. And every time, just as the clipped strands hit the floor, collecting in a pool around my whirly chair, I feel myself missing them.

Despite knowing that it's silly to be attached to the physical, especially a part that will grow back, I can't help the bittersweet tide that ebbs and flows.

It's even less black and white for those toxic friendships. You know how upset you get around that friend, you know how you feel disrespected in the most subtle ways. You weigh the good to the bad, as though life can be depicted in a pie chart, and hope that the percentages are in your favor. But in time, you accept that it might be time to leave. And after you do, you still miss them. All the time.

And that may be the essence of truly letting go. For the things you want gone, it's easy. But for the things you want to clutch but are no longer good for you or may be a greater need for another, you learn to overcome that persistent part of you and set it free.