Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on choices

Last night, I went to another talk by author Laura Dave. It was as insightful as her writing and she noted one thing she learned from a professor:

"These days, it's difficult to make the right choice. There are so many choices out there that it isn't a matter of right and wrong. Instead, it's better to go for what makes us happiest. This is usually the most compatible choice for us."

Every age comes with its own set of challenges and choices. Last year, I was in uncertainty and I allowed that to cloud everything else. That was a choice.

I tend to live in gray areas, whether it's through fiction or real life. And lately I've been feeling zapped of motivation. I'm not sure what it is but revising has been difficult. I wish I could blame being burnt out from so much writing but that's not true. Or that I've been reading too much but that's also not true.

I just feel...blah.
Less like Piglet, more like Eeyore.

I'm not sure if it's normal or not but I get a little more melancholy every time I see another quote about sitting in front of the computer, churning out thousands of words, anything. Is it possible to feel overwhelmed by something you love so much?

So, I thought of Laura's words and signed up for a writers' group that met today, knowing that it always makes me happy to connect with other writers. Afterward, I took a long walk. A winding, roundabout way home, not really understanding why.
And then, the rut started to dissolve itself. It wasn't sudden but that was even more refreshing.

So maybe there is something to this choices thing, this happiness that we all seek.

Just a thought.

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  1. "Is it possible to feel overwhelmed by something you love so much?"

    I totally know what you mean, so yes, it is!

  2. Maybe you just need a little validation that all of your work is not in vain for you to find the energy to go on.

  3. Only way to get out of a rut is to change something, and sometimes it's our attitude. At least it is with me...

  4. Yes, it's totally possible to be burned out by something you love.

    Take a step back. Eat some weird food, something you've never had before. Do something that's going to make you belly laugh. Call somebody you love.

    Your writing will still be there to welcome you back, and it will appreciate you for being refreshed and renewed.

  5. I like that. Pick the choice that makes us the happiest (just don't tell my family that). :D

  6. Yes, its is possible to be overwhelmed by something even if it is the thing you love.

    I feel stepping back is a great way to put things in perspective. Glad to know that you are getting out of the rut.