Friday, May 20, 2011

People bring each other up

Tonight, I mastered the art of procrastination. I have to pack for New York City, my close friend's bachelorette cruise, and Africa.
Oh yeah, my flight's tomorrow morning.
I could blame it on a number of things: guilt for splurging on a designer bikini, refusal to leave the comfortable South, pathological night owl tendencies....

But actually, I can't peel away from the Internet. It's one of those times, especially after the past couple nights. I keep wanting to connect with people and it's definitely because I've been able to get in touch with so many incredible individuals lately. There are the sweet, sincere Facebook messages and e-mails from complete strangers that have sent me into tears. Then, there was this week...

I've been able to meet avid readers and writers who have shown nothing but support for one another. It's something I've always seen in the blogging world and now have had the chance to experience in person. Writers and readers just may be some of the most openly encouraging souls out there.

The thing is, kind words feed off of one another. Hearing something supportive from one person makes you want to uplift another. So the cycles goes on and on, and we all continue to thrive.

Carrie, an inspiring mother and writer

The loves of my life

With Emily Giffin and Laura Dave

Ana, an author and talented cook!


  1. Looking very pretty and happy, have a great trip.
    True friends always inspire each other, there is no doubt about it.

  2. Bon voyage, and may you find lots of inspiration in your travels! Looking forward to the trip recaps!

  3. You have a lot of exciting things coming up! Have a wonderful time and safe travels! And good luck packing, LoL!

    Btw, I should probably have your pages for you next week. Sorry it's taken me so long this time! I had a lot of things going on, but after this weekend life should be calmed down for a little while! :)

    Have fun, Saumya!!!

  4. I've received only support!
    Have a safe trip.

  5. Lovely photos. :) I am a rather new follower and am loving your blog so far! And I know what you mean...reading inspiring articles and blog posts and being the lucky receiver of random acts of kindness compels me to spread the lovin'! Travel safely!!!


  6. Have a wonderful trip!!! happy for you!

  7. Have a wonderful trip to Africa.
    Where and why are you going?

    If you get a chance, I would love to learn more about the book you are writing.

  8. "Writers and readers just may be some of the most openly encouraging souls out there."

    I absolutely and completely agree!

  9. I also like this above written statement and agree too. Of course such like left handed famous people may direct the people rightly through their experience and thoughts.