Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye, summer

Bye, summer.

You've taught me:

1. That out of all things worth cultivating, a thick skin may be the most useful right now

2. Some friendships are better with distance

3. Procrastination can be a defense mechanism against fear of failure

4. (but) Failure is the only thing that fosters growth sometimes

5. Spending time worrying about being liked is well, a waste of a lot of time

6. What you're working on is about your own wants. Forget the questions concerning "book deals" and "when are you ever going to finish" and "why would you ever choose to write"

7. When someone chooses to consider your feelings even when they are at the height of emotion, you know you've found a winner

8. If you wait for the perfect time to write, you'll never write. Respect your passion enough to develop it.

9. People tend to already have ideas about who you are and who you'll be. When you step outside of those, they get upset. It's usually out of love and shock, not an intention to hurt.


  1. You're right - not everyone will like us and we have to get over that.

  2. No no, it should still be hello summer! There's still two months of summer remaining!!!

    I like #8 a lot, you're right about respecting the writing; it's an insult to yourself not to delve into your passions!

  3. I love #8!!! And it definitely makes me feel bad about how I've cast my writing to the side lately and replaced it with not-so-rewarding things :-/

  4. No!!!! Don't say "Bye summer" - it's not even August yet! I love #5 and #6. Actually, I love all them. These are all great truths. Can I steal your idea? I'm thinking it would good for me to write down a list of stuff I've learned recently, too.

  5. Absolutely LOVED this! number one is my personal favorite : ) I'm an expert on thick skin. Well, if I'm not I'm definitely getting there!
    Missed you Saumya, but I'm back (yaay!)

  6. Haha, I guess summer isn't technically over but with school starting again, it feels like it is!