Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The extremes tend to drive me crazy. Right now, it's having either too much time or too little time. Neither of those elicits my most productive, efficient self.

Around this time, when summer is foreshadowing its departure, I start to freak out about whether I've made the most of it. Everything is coated with nostalgia before it's even gone: the grip of a sweaty Starbucks frappuccino, outdoor farmers' markets, sliced mango on tarty frozen yogurt, clear tan lines from flip flops...

And then there's that magic and often irritating word....balance.
That virtue so often talked about (and sought) yet difficult to grasp.

I think I'll stop striving for that at the moment and learn to just be.

Change has never been easy for me, even when it's the cyclical kind.