Thursday, July 14, 2011

on happiness

Today, I had a thought:

True happiness requires daily effort, mostly in the form of reminders. When I find myself becoming negative or crestfallen, I have to think of the many things there are to be content about:

-The deep green of an apple
-Friendships that evolve as we do
-Sprinkles on an ice cream cone
-Family: the one we're born with and the one we choose
-The smell of freshly brewed coffee
-Smiles exchanged between strangers
-People who fought for the rights we have now
-Quotes: uplifting ones, lovey dovey ones, motivational ones..
-Coconut scented body wash
-Poetry that demands to be reread

Relying on certain goals to happen gives a false, transient sense of fulfillment. By placing my emotional barometer on things outside myself, I leave it susceptible to everything.

So, yes, happiness is a verb disguised as a noun.