Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 thoughts to finish up the week

1. Did you know that Starbucks has drinks not listed on the menu? Samir sent me this article about them. (There's a "short" size, a zebra drink that is a mix of white and regular mocha, and a "dirty" chai, to name a few.)

2. Contentment, in its truest sense, seems to be independent of any other factors. There may be piles of work (and laundry), disappointments of all sorts but somehow, I still can be okay. It has a way of doing that; settling and refusing to leave.

3. Some dreams are there to be...well, to just be. They're allowed to have a resting place and not much else.

4. This one comes from my cousin. After I came back from Africa, I was determined to start another project, some way of trying to save the world. We ended up having to work on a final article in New York. For a week, I spent all of my time not writing with Samir. Then I met with my cousin and told him I was ashamed of being "that girl", the one who is always hanging out with her man.

"Why?" He asked.
"I don't know...just...because," I said.
"Because you were drawn to what made you happy for a week of your life? What's wrong with that again?"
It was such a simple question but it put me in my place. What is wrong with that?