Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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Loneliness has always been one of the most fascinating emotions to me.
Maybe because I've rarely ever felt it. That painful tug and frightening silence. It tends to creep out when loved ones leave after a visit or a friend moves away. If it had a smell, I'd imagine it would be akin to stale coffee or neglected flowers.

People discuss wanting to visit certain places but I often feel that way about certain emotions, especially loneliness. Okay, that's probably not credible coming from who a.) is a serial monogamist and b.) becomes friends with characters in books.

But maybe it does have something to do with reading. Maybe I haven't put myself to the "real test" even though I live by myself. You know, stretches of time without any technology a.k.a. connection to others, books, or piles of work. Writing is a solitary process yet it somehow occupies all of my voids, so nothing seems to be missing. Does that even make sense?

Later next year, I'll be going to a silent meditation camp. Ten days of complete isolation and NO speaking. Crazy? Yes. Perhaps the only way of going truly inside is by eliminating any roads that lead outside.

Have you ever wanted more of a certain emotion?


  1. I would love to have ten days of strictly meditation. I'm insanely tired of technology and talking to people :)

  2. Um, wow. You are one brave soul. I can't shut up so one day without talking is bad. But 10 days?? Horrible! But give me a dozen book in hand and I can be silent like no one :)

    That aside - I TOTALLY know what you mean when you say some emotions smell - like literally. For me sunshine smells like freshly laundered clothes, rain smells like a wet dog. *shrug* I think I am rambling.

  3. Gosh, a silent meditation camp? That sounds really cool. People would really see what they're made of if they had to be silent for ten days. Imagine the thoughts we'd have. Our OWN thoughts without outside influences injecting stuff in our head. I imagine you'll have lots to say after ten days of silence, LoL!

    I'm not sure if there's one emotion I'd want more of. I'll have to think about that one!

  4. Ten days of meditation sounds amazing, but I feel like I would go crazy. Not a big fan of loneliness!

  5. Haha, okay guys, now I know I'm crazy for signing up for this.

  6. Ten days of silence? I really admire you, but it so wouldn't work for a chatterbox like me. Though I am considering a technology free holiday.

  7. The odd thing about loneliness is how it catches you unawares sometimes. Boom! You were full, and suddenly you are empty. But I loved how you compared it to certain smells! To me it would smell like a whiff of spring in an icy tundra, something you long for but cannot see or grasp.

    I would LOVE to try a silent retreat for 10 days!! (or even 2 days!) It would be uncomfortable at times, but the end result would be very inspiring/enlightening.