Monday, August 1, 2011

Psychology helps writing

My sister sent me some wonderful articles from that I wanted to share. Reading psychology articles has helped me with understanding people in real life and in novels.

I think that there's a lot of psychology involved in creating a world and making it believable, don't you?

This article discusses life from an introvert's perspective. (I'm an extrovert but I do think that introverts get an undeserved bad rep at times.)
---One of the articles related to this one explained how an introvert/extrovert couple can still have fun at social events and during their free time. It helped me a lot with my main characters.

Another piece explains what makes a person likeable
....this could help in creating a character readers want to root for.

Do you research other topics to help your writing?

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  1. Research is all part of it!
    Psychology is very useful. How do you judge if your own protagonist is likeable? What do you think the best traits are?