Sunday, September 25, 2011

tips to get through an overwhelming week...

We've learned in school that some amount of stress is necessary to getting things done. But who ever has that ideal amount?? Please speak up now if you're one of the lucky ones! Most of us are on the other side. The overwhelming, suffocating, there-aren't-enough-hours-for-me-to-even-look-presentable side. I've been reading a lot of posts about people not finding enough time to do what they need or want to, so I thought I'd make a list (of course, another list) of what has helped me.

1. Music. Our ears can become as bored as any other part of our body. Switching up play lists, listening to covers of popular songs by other artists, and trying out new genres helps keep me stimulated while I work.

2. A new bounce in that morning (or afternoon and evening) drink. Cinnamon in coffee? A little whipped cream? A new tea? Pumpkin spice goodness?

3. Reminders. The more I grow up, the more I believe that happiness is an active, not passive, process. I need to remind myself how much there is to be grateful and happy for.

4. Hide. Like Hell. Yes, this seems to be necessary. I don't mean disappear for hours so that a search party begins but to take a couple of (or thirty) minutes, whether that's in the car or bookstore, to just breathe deeply. I duck into a coffee shop in the break time between classes to scribble down some notes for writing. Or I write for a bit before going into bed, making it a part of my nighttime routine.

5. Plan something to look forward to. A lunch or Skype date with a friend? A DVR'd television show? If you're lucky, a mini vacation?

P.S. For any ladies who can't always wash, dry, and style their hair, dry shampoo has become my new best friend.


  1. Muisc AND hiding! That's a good combination.

  2. Such perfect timing! I had two papers due on Friday and have a math midterm on Tuesday and a language exam on Wednesday. Overwhelming, indeed.

    You are spot on with matter how much you've got going on at any given moment, if you have something planned in the near future that you're looking forward to, it's much easier to get by what's going on right now.

    Right now, I am really looking forward to seeing my family next weekend, who are coming to visit me at my school! If only I can get through these first few days of the week...


  3. Awesome list! Coloring helps me de-stress. It takes me back to my carefree childhood days and helps me relax!

    Hope you're well, Saumya! :)

  4. Music always, always does the trick for me. As does anything pumpkin spiced. :) Great list!

  5. The music thing is a good idea. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut listening to the same playlist, no matter how much we love the songs.

  6. Music scores high on my list as well as taking out time to be with close friends.

    How are you doing, Saumya? How is the writing going?

  7. I'm doing well, Rachna! The writing is going well. Just waiting to hear back from people and continuing to make edits. I LOVED your post on your spiritual leader.

  8. Ha ha - with four kids sometimes i have to hide in the bathroom!

    My biggest "escape" is reading, but then I get into trouble if it's a really good can't-put-it-down book! Just ends up adding to my stress in the end!

  9. Fantastic tips. Most of those help me no end when I'm getting burned out! That said, I discovered the dry shampoo craze a couple of years ago and just haven't been impressed - I think I just like the feeling of washed wet hair too much! :-)

  10. I'm still holding out for being converting into a vampire. Then I won't have to sleep, and can work instead. :D

  11. I'm definitely into hiding, but my kids are too good at finding me.