Monday, October 31, 2011

just a thought on patience

It's important to be patient when you know something's ahead and it's just a matter of time. But what about with those uncertain things? I think they may test patience in an entirely different way because we don't always know what we're even being patient for. A rejection? A setback? A necessary restart?

Think about it: you send a query or an invitation of any kind. You feel it work through the wires of cyberspace as it lodges itself into the home of another. But what control is there beyond that? You know where you're sending it but do you really know where it'll go?

Sometimes it's a blessing to hand over control, to know when to surrender and relish your limits. Sometimes the universe is demanding that you exchange the fear of uncertainty with the strength of patience.

If there's one thing my early twenties has shown me so far, it's that I often have trouble exhibiting certain virtues when they are the most necessary.


  1. This not knowing business is really bad for me. Uncertainty paralyzes me. Patience, to me, isn't necessarily the way to combat it. Action might be better sometimes.

  2. I hate this uncertainty business (Querying). Its bogging me down and stalling my creative process, Saumya. But,its a necessary evil.

  3. If it's out of our control, why stress?

  4. I remember getting impatient while I was waiting for the bus once and then I realized I can't control when it comes, so there's no point getting angry over it.

  5. Yeah if you're going to be a writer, you must be patient.